A New Game is a game that conforms to the standards of the New Games' Movement. These games are non-aggressive and non-competitive, and do not have winners and losers. The emphasis in these games is on shared experience and enjoyment, the fun of the individual players. They are usually not particularly exciting to watch (they’re certainly not spectator sports), but they are great fun to be in usually for the very qualities that stop them from being gripping to watch: no-one wins – you can’t cheer for your team; no-one loses – there’s no one to ridicule for being bad at the game; and they start and end in ‘interesting’ places – it would be hard to know when to cheer were there some cheering to be done.

New Games are good for the soul.

Knots, Snakes, Plague, Tag, and Giants, Wizards, Elves are all New Games.

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