When Microsoft acquired Rareware, the famed British game developer, in 2002 one of the projects that was swallowed up into the development abyss was Donkey Kong Racing for the Nintendo GameCube.

DKR was to be the sequel to the Nintendo 64's Diddy Kong Racing. Screenshots and a video of the game were released as part of the 2001 pre-GameCube hype and depicted characters from the Donkey Kong Country series (such as Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Kiddy Kong, and the main monkey himself) riding around on animals from the DKC series (such as Engarde the swordfish and Rambi the rhino). The animals had replaced the karts to provide real authentic animal fantasy racing. The animation was beautiful and showed what was shaping up to be an amazing experience.

As mentioned above, the project was cancelled when Nintendo sold their share of Rareware back to the company and retracted the rights to the Donkey Kong characters. Nintendo has said they are working on their own Donkey Kong game for the GameCube, so perhaps we'll see another manifestation of this game someday in the future. In fact, an August 2003 rumor pegs Namco with developing the title.

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