A Donkey Kong Country game on the Nintendo Entertainment System? Can this be true? Well, yes and no. While this game is based on 1995's Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, it is one of the many pirate games that have come on to the black market in recent years and is in no way connected or authorized by Nintendo. Nevertheless, this is one of the better pirate games I've seen as it does feature the graphics and music from the Super NES game upon which this title is based. There are, however, several major changes that make this game different than its big brother.

Aside from the 8-bit graphics and sounds, the two largest changes in the game are that it only features Diddy Kong (Dixie Kong and the other Kongs are nowhere to be found) and the game only includes three levels. After completing the third level the game is over. The three levels are scaled-down renditions of the DKC2's "Pirate Panic", "Mainbrace Mayhem", and "Rattle Battle" (where Diddy becomes Rattly the Rattlesnake). Since there are only three levels (or perhaps because the pirates aren't out to make an engaging game here) there is no save game or password system.

The play control remains somewhat true to the 16-bit authorized version of the game, although it is not as nearly fine-tuned. The A button allows Diddy to jump, the B button performs the cartwheel attack and allows our hero to pick up crates and hurl them. However, unlike in the real game, bashing into a baddie while holding a crate causes death to both Kremling and monkey. Also, when jumping onto a baddie Diddy must land squarely on target, lest he be defeated.

Super Donkey Kong 2 is another of the many pirate games that turn up from time to time, and barring acquring the actual cartridge from the black market, you best chance to play the game is to use emulation. Of course, if you really looking for a Donkey Kong fix, I suggest the actual 100% bonafide Nintendo release of the game.

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