Vampire Hunter D was first conceived as a series of manga novels by Hideuki Kikuchi in 1983. It was produced as an anime OAV in 1985 and has since fallen into the ranks of all-time classics (of anime).

Parts of the story are well-known because VHD has served as a model for many following vampire stories (of course, VHD took some of its own elements from the Dracula story): a vampire lord (Magnus) who attempts to force wedlock upon a local human girl (Doris Lang) and terrorizes the village. In this case, the hero who can defeat the vampire is D, who is a most unusual character. D is a dhampir (in some versions, the subtitles refer to him as a "Dampire"), a type of human-vampire hybrid; he possesses the strength and blood-lust of a vampire while dealing with a human conscience. Moreover, his hand is a self-motivated character unto itself, with its own face and, apparently, digestive system.

The film addresses several philosophical and moral questions, such as the value of "purity" and the struggle between the opposing elements of D's personality and past. However, Vampire Hunter D is remembered for its action. It is a very exciting flic, and there is no shortage of blood or violence (there is some brief nudity, but that is not the point of this anime). Whatever your interests are, Vampire Hunter D is a classic. If you like anime, this movie is a must-see.

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