She waited under the streetlamps, grabbing the sides of her coat against the wind. She wore a little fur coat, but it was as short as her skirt, which was to say, too short. Occasionally, she leaned her head to one side as she looked around the corner at the Bank sign across the street,small lights flashing on and off-

Time and temperature- 18 degrees:10:46

Normally I wouldn't be out this early, I would wait till almost 1 before I started my rounds, but the weather had changed everyone's plan, mine included. It was getting colder and I was a little concerned everyone would be going home before midnight. That would be a pity. I had such a warm car and a warmer apartment. Seemed a shame to waste them, even if it was only for an evening.

I stepped out of the car and the cold wind hit my face and my eyes watered. I smiled at this natural response It reminded me of an old song:

"It's the little things that mean a lot...."

That was a few years back I suppose. I walk slowly toward her corner and when I tap her shoulder, I see her surprise, she hadn't heard me walk her way. Of course.

"Cold? Would you like to borrow my scarf?"

I pulled the long piece of silk off my shoulders and hand it to her- she smiles- How nice!

My thoughts exactly.

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