An expensive, warm coat made of fur (well, duh). They are often made from the fur of mink or baby seals.

Animal rights activists have been protesting against the production of fur coats for years now. They have released many a mink into the wild, but that only resulted in the mink getting killed because it couldn't survive, and the producer of the coats losing money.

Fur coats are said to be very comfortable, if you can live with people shouting "murderer" when you walk by.

The soft, pettable part of an animal like a cat or a puppy. Usually, the coat exists to protect said animal from the elements, such as the hot sun or the snow.

Whenever I see someone wearing the pelt of an animal, I am reminded of the words of that great sage, Fred Mertz: "...if nature intended that you have a fur coat, you'd have been born with one". Now, I am not by any means a militant member of PETA, but there is just something wasteful about taking an animal, taking the skin and hairs for use as a status symbol, and throwing away the remainder. I wouldn't call someone a murderer if I saw them wearing one, but I would also be more apt to be critical of that person.

For the record, I would love to have a fur coat. Of course, I'd want mine to be permanently attatched and with ocelot markings. Perhaps some day, when we're all posthuman.

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