A cool indigo corn chip snaked through the fiery salsa. The bite reminded her of him. Deceptively innocent with a red-hot kick that came from the green. What would he look like when he was reciprocating passion instead of passively instigating it? Or was it passive? She shook her head. He was so incredibly hard to read. Sultry was the night. Dewdrops of perspiration sheened her skin. Beads of condensation fell off her margarita glass. An ice slick bottled beer stung the flesh of his palms. Air hissed through the night as the cap crinkled beneath the bottle opener.

Another corn chip disappeared. The hellish salsa was a savage reminder of her. A hand went into his pocket. Comforting silk moved across his fingers. The scarf around her neck was one of the things used to identify her body but by then it was too late. At home that night he smiled as he logged on to his computer. The buzzer rang in his apartment, he opened the door and fell to the floor. I left his body in the doorway, sobbing as I walked away. I can't bring my sister back but I made sure the son of a bitch who murdered her will never strangle another unsuspecting woman. Buenas noches sucker.

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