Later, in the cutting of the cranium, shakeshaky hands lifted out a wrench. A wrench pulpy with pineapple skin oranged by age, stikstickered withwithwith a tattered food stamp withywith "Dole" lettered bold black clear. a wrench, when cleaned, jagged engraved "Bolt" or "Bold", either word making no sense anyway.

The stench following first fluttering sight belied all gland recognition by being almost pleasant, like that of snarling off cellophane from a packaged market meat. A slick kitten cuddled so soon mewled a silent gasping hiss on firstyfirst notice as if it -- she -- only incubated appeared for discovery. Barb fishyhooked clawpaws slit latex to prick palms and infection was rightly feared. Waswashwas foiled mucous flashing from weewideebonyeyeslices a reeling illusion? for afterwards the tender crushed carcass shone naught, there wheatmash crusties in the stead in those edges.

A sepiaswirl Formica shell egg nested in a half-sphere of slimy yarn and hair also evoked all so bitbittersweet remembrance for so long by those involved despite bronzed lockmasks of distance, waking wee hours late pinched face often fuzzy with the eggguts image fading: not, as jitterfeared, some molded grimaced mushbeaked chick, but a garishpainted clackysteel wind-up miniature ostrich when in operation snapstretching a flakéd pink neck and weakly going "Wak... Wak!" and weavewobbling a few clicks.

From the muck, pincers retrieved: rings, circles of frozen flame, gremgryphdragons twisted to peck, spokédscribble rounds and some just simple bands marked with initials of unknown names; spiral shells still ocean rushroaring; algae'd riverstones; and tiny trinkets obscure like a plastique blackfaced squawlpose baby, toothpicky bamboo pagoda crumpled over dregs from salmon candle, or a shellacked tooth.

Last, a dark glistening melded mass of decayed flowers -- orchids roses and wildwildwild were idented by hushed botanists -- buttonszipperelacespenspins and paisley fabric fragments pried rocking from chamber's base released steamy funes from some crevice that curdled air and webbed minds in strands of acid slap.

All this drawn out real, this all, what reward? A whim whipped and scarred. Emptied sliced skull a bone piñata burst and inedible candies snagged. Like a spooned pumpkin grinning its Mona Lisa last laugh.

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