As of version 3.2, the Unicode standard has 86 semantically distinct varients of the Latin letter M. They are enumerated below, separated by code block

Number of characters added in each version of the Unicode standard :
Unicode 1.1 : 58
Unicode 3.2 : 28

Number of characters in each General Category :

Letter, Uppercase          Lu : 19
Letter, Lowercase          Ll : 21
Mark, Non-Spacing          Mn :  1
Number, Letter             Nl :  2
Symbol, Other              So : 41
Other, Format              Cf :  2

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character
  4. The Unicode General Category for the character
  5. The Unicode version when this character was added
  6. The HTML entity if any, instead of using &#xUUUU;
  7. (The SGML entities if any)

If the characters below show up poorly, or not at all, see Unicode Support for possible solutions.


Basic Latin

U+004D  M  Latin capital letter m  Lu  1.1
U+006D  m  Latin small letter m  Ll  1.1


Latin Extended B

     Latin extended-B
U+019C  Ɯ  Latin capital letter turned m  Lu  1.1


IPA Extensions

     IPA extensions
U+026F  ɯ  Latin small letter turned m  Ll  1.1
U+0270  ɰ  Latin small letter turned m with long leg  Ll  1.1
U+0271  ɱ  Latin small letter m with hook  Ll  1.1


Combining Diacritical Marks

     Medieval superscript letter diacritics
U+036B  ͫ  combining Latin small letter m  Mn  3.2


Latin Extended Additional

     Latin general use extensions
U+1E3E    Latin capital letter m with acute  Lu  1.1
U+1E3F  ḿ  Latin small letter m with acute  Ll  1.1
U+1E40    Latin capital letter m with dot above  Lu  1.1
U+1E41    Latin small letter m with dot above  Ll  1.1
U+1E42    Latin capital letter m with dot below  Lu  1.1
U+1E43    Latin small letter m with dot below  Ll  1.1


Letterlike Symbols

     Letterlike symbols
U+2120    service mark  So  1.1
U+2122    trade mark sign  So  1.1  ™  (™)
U+2133    script capital m  Lu  1.1  (ℳ)


Number Forms

     Roman numerals
U+216F    Roman numeral one thousand  Nl  1.1
U+217F    small Roman numeral one thousand  Nl  1.1


Enclosed Alphanumerics

     Parenthesized Latin letters
U+24A8    parenthesized Latin small letter m  So  1.1

     Circled Latin letters
U+24C2    circled Latin capital letter m  So  1.1
U+24DC    circled Latin small letter m  So  1.1


CJK Compatibility

     Squared Latin abbreviations
U+3383    square ma  So  1.1
U+3386    square mb  So  1.1
U+338E    square mg  So  1.1
U+3392    square mhz  So  1.1
U+3396    square ml  So  1.1
U+3399    square fm  So  1.1
U+339A    square nm  So  1.1
U+339B    square mu m  So  1.1
U+339C    square mm  So  1.1
U+339D    square cm  So  1.1
U+339E    square km  So  1.1
U+339F    square mm squared  So  1.1
U+33A0    square cm squared  So  1.1
U+33A1    square m squared  So  1.1
U+33A2    square km squared  So  1.1
U+33A3    square mm cubed  So  1.1
U+33A4    square cm cubed  So  1.1
U+33A5    square m cubed  So  1.1
U+33A6    square km cubed  So  1.1
U+33A7    square m over s  So  1.1
U+33A8    square m over s squared  So  1.1
U+33AB    square mpa  So  1.1
U+33B3    square ms  So  1.1
U+33B7    square mv  So  1.1
U+33B9    square mv mega  So  1.1
U+33BD    square mw  So  1.1
U+33BF    square mw mega  So  1.1
U+33C1    square m ohm  So  1.1
U+33C2    square am  So  1.1
U+33CE    square km capital  So  1.1
U+33D0    square lm  So  1.1
U+33D4    square mb small  So  1.1
U+33D5    square mil  So  1.1
U+33D6    square mol  So  1.1
U+33D8    square pm  So  1.1
U+33D9    square ppm  So  1.1


Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms

     Fullwidth ASCII variants
U+FF2D    fullwidth Latin capital letter m  Lu  1.1
U+FF4D    fullwidth Latin small letter m  Ll  1.1


Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols

     Bold symbols
U+1D40C  𝐌  mathematical bold capital m  Lu  3.2
U+1D426  𝐦  mathematical bold small m  Ll  3.2

     Italic symbols
U+1D440  𝑀  mathematical italic capital m  Lu  3.2
U+1D45A  𝑚  mathematical italic small m  Ll  3.2

     Bold italic symbols
U+1D474  𝑴  mathematical bold italic capital m  Lu  3.2
U+1D48E  𝒎  mathematical bold italic small m  Ll  3.2

     Script symbols
U+1D4C2  𝓂  mathematical script small m  Ll  3.2  (𝓂)

     Bold script symbols
U+1D4DC  𝓜  mathematical bold script capital m  Lu  3.2
U+1D4F6  𝓶  mathematical bold script small m  Ll  3.2

     Fraktur symbols
U+1D510  𝔐  mathematical fraktur capital m  Lu  3.2  (𝔐)
U+1D52A  𝔪  mathematical fraktur small m  Ll  3.2  (𝔪)

     Double-struck symbols
U+1D544  𝕄  mathematical double struck capital m  Lu  3.2  (𝕄)
U+1D55E  𝕞  mathematical double struck small m  Ll  3.2  (𝕞)

     Bold Fraktur symbols
U+1D578  𝕸  mathematical bold fraktur capital m  Lu  3.2
U+1D592  𝖒  mathematical bold fraktur small m  Ll  3.2

     Sans-serif symbols
U+1D5AC  𝖬  mathematical sans serif capital m  Lu  3.2
U+1D5C6  𝗆  mathematical sans serif small m  Ll  3.2

     Sans-serif bold symbols
U+1D5E0  𝗠  mathematical sans serif bold capital m  Lu  3.2
U+1D5FA  𝗺  mathematical sans serif bold small m  Ll  3.2

     Sans-serif italic symbols
U+1D614  𝘔  mathematical sans serif italic capital m  Lu  3.2
U+1D62E  𝘮  mathematical sans serif italic small m  Ll  3.2

     Sans-serif bold italic symbols
U+1D648  𝙈  mathematical sans serif bold italic capital m  Lu  3.2
U+1D662  𝙢  mathematical sans serif bold italic small m  Ll  3.2

     Monospace symbols
U+1D67C  𝙼  mathematical monospace capital m  Lu  3.2
U+1D696  𝚖  mathematical monospace small m  Ll  3.2



     Tag components
U+E004D  󠁍  tag Latin capital letter m  Cf  3.2
U+E006D  󠁭  tag Latin small letter m  Cf  3.2

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