The first version of the Unicode standard, Unicode 1.0 was released in October 1991, and was updated to Unicode 1.0.1 in June 1992. The next version is Unicode 1.1.

In some ways, Unicode 1.0 has been made an un-standard and has retroactively never existed. 1.0 was released before the merger with ISO/IEC 10646-1, and so some encodings would have to be changed, which they promised not to do.

There were never any on-line data files available for Unicode 1.0, which made it difficult to do anything with it, and makes it difficult to say much about it now.

It was officially defined by

  • The Unicode Consortium. The Unicode Standard, Version 1.0, Volume 1 Reading, MA, Addison-Wesley Developers Press, 1991. ISBN 0-201-56788-1

Unicode 1.0.1 was the first update to the Unicode Standard. A few characters from 1.0.0 were moved or removed as a result of the merger with ISO/IEC 10646-1. At the time, the policy of using minor versions for character changes was not in place, or else it would have been 1.1.

It was officially defined by

  • The Unicode Consortium. The Unicode Standard, Version 1.0, Volume 1 Reading, MA, Addison-Wesley Developers Press, 1991. ISBN 0-201-56788-1
  • The Unicode Consortium. The Unicode Standard, Version 1.0, Volume 2 Reading, MA, Addison-Wesley Developers Press, 1992. ISBN 0-201-60845-6

Part of the merge with ISO 10646 was changing the names of characters. 1890 characters changed their names in the merge. 162 representative samples are below. The change in case is mine; all Unicode names are always all upper case.

U+0027 APOSTROPHE-QUOTE became apostrophe
U+0028 OPENING PARENTHESIS became left parenthesis
U+0029 CLOSING PARENTHESIS became right parenthesis
U+002E PERIOD became full stop
U+002F SLASH became solidus
U+005B OPENING SQUARE BRACKET became left square bracket
U+005C BACKSLASH became reverse solidus
U+005D CLOSING SQUARE BRACKET became right square bracket
U+005E SPACING CIRCUMFLEX became circumflex accent
U+005F SPACING UNDERSCORE became low line
U+0060 SPACING GRAVE became grave accent
U+007B OPENING CURLY BRACKET became left curly bracket
U+007C VERTICAL BAR became vertical line
U+007D CLOSING CURLY BRACKET became right curly bracket
U+00A0 NON-BREAKING SPACE became no break space
U+00A6 BROKEN VERTICAL BAR became broken bar
U+00A8 SPACING DIAERESIS became diaeresis
U+00AB LEFT POINTING GUILLEMET became left pointing double angle quotation mark
U+00AE REGISTERED TRADE MARK SIGN became registered sign
U+00AF SPACING MACRON became macron
U+00B1 PLUS-OR-MINUS SIGN became plus minus sign
U+00B2 SUPERSCRIPT DIGIT TWO became superscript two
U+00B3 SUPERSCRIPT DIGIT THREE became superscript three
U+00B4 SPACING ACUTE became acute accent
U+00B6 PARAGRAPH SIGN became pilcrow sign
U+00B8 SPACING CEDILLA became cedilla
U+00B9 SUPERSCRIPT DIGIT ONE became superscript one
U+00BB RIGHT POINTING GUILLEMET became right pointing double angle quotation mark
U+00BC FRACTION ONE QUARTER became vulgar fraction one quarter
U+00BD FRACTION ONE HALF became vulgar fraction one half
U+00BE FRACTION THREE QUARTERS became vulgar fraction three quarters
U+00C0 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A GRAVE became Latin capital letter A with grave
U+00C5 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A RING became Latin capital letter A with ring above
U+00C6 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A E became Latin capital ligature ae
U+00D8 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O SLASH became Latin capital letter O with stroke
U+010C LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C HACEK became Latin capital letter C with caron
U+0116 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E DOT became Latin capital letter E with dot above
U+0149 LATIN SMALL LETTER APOSTROPHE N became Latin small letter N preceded by apostrophe
U+018E LATIN CAPITAL LETTER TURNED E became Latin capital letter reversed e
U+0190 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER EPSILON became Latin capital letter open e
U+0192 LATIN SMALL LETTER SCRIPT F became Latin small letter F with hook
U+019F LATIN CAPITAL LETTER BARRED O became Latin capital letter O with middle tilde
U+01B2 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SCRIPT V became Latin capital letter V with hook
U+01B7 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER YOGH became Latin capital letter ezh
U+01C0 LATIN LETTER PIPE became Latin letter dental click
U+01C1 LATIN LETTER DOUBLE PIPE became Latin letter lateral click
U+01C2 LATIN LETTER PIPE DOUBLE BAR became Latin letter alveolar click
U+01C3 LATIN LETTER EXCLAMATION MARK became Latin letter retroflex click
U+01D5 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U DIAERESIS MACRON became Latin capital letter U with diaeresis and macron
U+0251 LATIN SMALL LETTER SCRIPT A became Latin small letter alpha
U+0256 LATIN SMALL LETTER D RETROFLEX HOOK became Latin small letter D with tail
U+025B LATIN SMALL LETTER EPSILON became Latin small letter open e
U+0264 LATIN SMALL LETTER BABY GAMMA became Latin small letter rams horn
U+026E LATIN SMALL LETTER L YOGH became Latin small letter lezh
U+0295 LATIN LETTER REVERSED GLOTTAL STOP became Latin letter pharyngeal voiced fricative
U+0298 LATIN LETTER BULLSEYE became Latin letter bilabial click
U+02D8 SPACING BREVE became breve
U+0306 NON-SPACING BREVE became combining breve
U+0344 GREEK NON-SPACING DIAERESIS TONOS became combining Greek dialytika tonos
U+0345 GREEK NON-SPACING IOTA BELOW became combining Greek ypogegrammeni
U+03D0 GREEK SMALL LETTER CURLED BETA became Greek beta symbol
U+03DA GREEK CAPITAL LETTER STIGMA became Greek letter stigma
U+03E4 GREEK CAPITAL LETTER FEI became Coptic capital letter fei
U+0404 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER E became Cyrillic capital letter ukrainian ie
U+0406 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER I became Cyrillic capital letter byelorussian ukrainian i
U+0413 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER GE became Cyrillic capital letter ghe
U+0477 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IZHITSA DOUBLE GRAVE became Cyrillic small letter izhitsa with double grave accent
U+0483 CYRILLIC NON-SPACING TITLO became combining Cyrillic titlo
U+04CC CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER CHE WITH LEFT DESCENDER became Cyrillic small letter khakassian che
U+0589 ARMENIAN PERIOD became Armenian full stop
U+05C0 HEBREW POINT PASEQ became Hebrew punctuation paseq
U+05F0 HEBREW LETTER DOUBLE VAV became Hebrew ligature yiddish double vav
U+0622 ARABIC LETTER MADDAH ON ALEF became Arabic letter alef with madda above
U+0628 ARABIC LETTER BAA became Arabic letter beh
U+0671 ARABIC LETTER HAMZAT WASL ON ALEF became Arabic letter alef wasla
U+0677 ARABIC LETTER HIGH HAMZAH WAW WITH DAMMAH became Arabic letter U with hamza above
U+0678 ARABIC LETTER HIGH HAMZAH YA became Arabic letter high hamza yeh
U+067F ARABIC LETTER TAA WITH FOUR DOTS ABOVE became Arabic letter teheh
U+06D4 ARABIC PERIOD became Arabic full stop
U+06F0 EASTERN ARABIC-INDIC DIGIT ZERO became extended Arabic indic digit zero
U+09F1 BENGALI LETTER VA WITH LOWER DIAGONAL became Bengali letter ra with lower diagonal
U+0E01 THAI LETTER KO KAI became Thai character ko kai
U+0E2F THAI PAI YAN NOI became Thai character paiyannoi
U+0E32 THAI VOWEL SIGN SARA AA became Thai character sara aa
U+0E3F THAI BAHT SIGN became Thai currency symbol baht
U+0E45 THAI LAK KHANG YAO became Thai character lakkhangyao
U+10D0 GEORGIAN SMALL LETTER AN became Georgian letter an
U+2015 QUOTATION DASH became horizontal bar
U+2016 DOUBLE VERTICAL BAR became double vertical line
U+2017 SPACING DOUBLE UNDERSCORE became double low line
U+2018 SINGLE TURNED COMMA QUOTATION MARK became left single quotation mark
U+2019 SINGLE COMMA QUOTATION MARK became right single quotation mark
U+201A LOW SINGLE COMMA QUOTATION MARK became single low 9 quotation mark
U+201B SINGLE REVERSED COMMA QUOTATION MARK became single high reversed 9 quotation mark
U+201C DOUBLE TURNED COMMA QUOTATION MARK became left double quotation mark
U+201D DOUBLE COMMA QUOTATION MARK became right double quotation mark
U+201E LOW DOUBLE COMMA QUOTATION MARK became double low 9 quotation mark
U+201F DOUBLE REVERSED COMMA QUOTATION MARK became double high reversed 9 quotation mark
U+2039 LEFT POINTING SINGLE GUILLEMET became single left pointing angle quotation mark
U+203A RIGHT POINTING SINGLE GUILLEMET became single right pointing angle quotation mark
U+203E SPACING OVERSCORE became overline
U+2070 SUPERSCRIPT DIGIT ZERO became superscript zero
U+207B SUPERSCRIPT HYPHEN-MINUS became superscript minus
U+207D SUPERSCRIPT OPENING PARENTHESIS became superscript left parenthesis
U+207E SUPERSCRIPT CLOSING PARENTHESIS became superscript right parenthesis
U+2080 SUBSCRIPT DIGIT ZERO became subscript zero
U+20D0 NON-SPACING LEFT HARPOON ABOVE became combining left harpoon above
U+20DD ENCLOSING CIRCLE became combining enclosing circle
U+2103 DEGREES CENTIGRADE became degree celsius
U+2104 C L SYMBOL became centre line symbol
U+2107 EULERS became euler constant
U+2121 T E L SYMBOL became telephone sign
U+2122 TRADEMARK became trade mark sign
U+2125 OUNCE became ounce sign
U+2126 OHM became ohm sign
U+212A DEGREES KELVIN became kelvin sign
U+212B ANGSTROM UNIT became angstrom sign
U+2135 FIRST TRANSFINITE CARDINAL became alef symbol
U+2153 FRACTION ONE THIRD became vulgar fraction one third
U+2190 LEFT ARROW became leftwards arrow
U+2196 UPPER LEFT ARROW became north west arrow
U+2254 COLON EQUAL became colon equals
U+2318 COMMAND KEY became place of interest sign
U+2324 ENTER KEY became up arrowhead between two horizontal bars
U+2326 DELETE TO THE RIGHT KEY became erase to the right
U+2327 CLEAR KEY became x in a rectangle box
U+2329 BRA became left pointing angle bracket
U+232A KET became right pointing angle bracket
U+2400 GRAPHIC FOR NULL became symbol for null
U+2422 BLANK became blank symbol
U+2488 DIGIT ONE PERIOD became digit one full stop
U+2500 FORMS LIGHT HORIZONTAL became box drawings light horizontal
U+2542 FORMS VERTICAL HEAVY AND HORIZONTAL LIGHT became box drawings vertical heavy and horizontal light
U+262B SYMBOL OF IRAN became farsi symbol
U+266B BARRED EIGHTH NOTES became beamed eighth notes
U+266D FLAT became music flat sign
U+271B OPEN CENTER CROSS became open centre cross
U+2776 INVERSE CIRCLED DIGIT ONE became dingbat negative circled digit one
U+2780 CIRCLED SANS-SERIF DIGIT ONE became dingbat circled sans serif digit one
U+3131 HANGUL LETTER GIYEOG became Hangul letter kiyeok
U+3132 HANGUL LETTER SSANG GIYEOG became Hangul letter ssangkiyeok
U+3164 HANGUL CAE OM became Hangul filler
U+3190 KANBUN TATETEN became ideographic annotation linking mark
U+3191 KAERITEN RE became ideographic annotation reverse mark
U+3300 SQUARED APAATO became square apaato
U+337B SQUARED TWO IDEOGRAPHS ERA NAME HEISEI became square era name heisei
U+337F SQUARED FOUR IDEOGRAPHS CORPORATION became square corporation
U+FB1E HEBREW POINT VARIKA became Hebrew point judeo spanish varika
U+FDFA ARABIC LETTER SALLALLAHOU ALAYHE WASALLAM became Arabic ligature sallallahou alayhe wasallam
U+FE30 GLYPH FOR VERTICAL TWO DOT LEADER became presentation form for vertical two dot leader
U+FE4A SPACING CENTERLINE OVERSCORE became centreline overline
U+FE5D SMALL OPENING TORTOISE SHELL BRACKET became small left tortoise shell bracket
U+FE68 SMALL BACKSLASH became small reverse solidus
U+FE70 ARABIC SPACING FATHATAN became Arabic fathatan isolated form
U+FE80 GLYPH FOR ISOLATE ARABIC HAMZAH became Arabic letter hamza isolated form
U+FE8C GLYPH FOR MEDIAL ARABIC HAMZAH ON YA became Arabic letter yeh with hamza above medial form
U+FE8E GLYPH FOR FINAL ARABIC ALEF became Arabic letter alef final form
U+FEF5 GLYPH FOR ISOLATE ARABIC MADDAH ON LIGATURE LAM ALEF became Arabic ligature lam with alef with madda above isolated form
U+FEFF BYTE ORDER MARK became zero width no break space
U+FFE4 FULLWIDTH BROKEN VERTICAL BAR became fullwidth broken bar

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