In the context of East Asian coding systems, a double-byte character set (DBCS) such as JIS X 0208-1990 or KS C 5601-1987 is generally used together with a single-byte character set (SBCS), such as ASCII or a variant thereof. Text that is encoded with both a DBCS and a SBCS is typically displayed such that the glyphs representing DBCS characters occupy two display cells where SBCS characters occupy only one. In these systems, the two-display-cell width is known as the fullwidth or zenkaku form, and the one-display-cell width is known as the halfwidth or hankaku form.
Does anyone else think that calling someone a halfwidth would be a good insult?
Because of this mixture of display widths, certain characters often appear twice, once in fullwidth form an the DBCS repertoire and once in the halfwidth form in the SBCS repertoire. To achieve round-trip conversion compatibility with such mixed encoding systems, it is necessary to encode both fullwidth and halfwidth forms of certain characters.

In the context of conversion to and from such mixed width encodings, all characters in the General Scripts area (U+0000 to U+2000) should be construed as halfwidth characters if they have a fullwidth equivalent elsewhere in the standard or if they do not occur in the mixed width encoding; otherwise, they should be construed as fullwidth. For a complete description of the East Asian Width property, see Unicode Technical Report #11 East Asian Width.

As with other compatibility characters, the preferred Unicode encoding is to use the nominal counterparts of these characters and use rich text font or style bindings to select the appropriate glyph size and width.

No fullwidth form of U+0020     space   exists in this block; instead, use U+3000     ideographic space.

Unicode's Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms code block reserves the 240 code points from U+FF00 to U+FFEF, of which 225 are currently assigned.

Arabic Presentation Forms B <-- Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms --> Specials

Number of characters added in each version of the Unicode standard :
Unicode 1.1 : 223
Unicode 3.2 : 2

Number of characters in each General Category :

Letter, Uppercase       Lu : 26
Letter, Lowercase       Ll : 26
Letter, Modifier        Lm :  3
Letter, Other           Lo :107
Number, Decimal Digit   Nd : 10
Punctuation, Connector  Pc :  1
Punctuation, Dash       Pd :  1
Punctuation, Open       Ps :  5
Punctuation, Close      Pe :  5
Punctuation, Other      Po : 18
Symbol, Math            Sm : 11
Symbol, Currency        Sc :  5
Symbol, Modifier        Sk :  3
Symbol, Other           So :  4

Number of characters in each Bidirectional Category :

Left To Right                 L :162
European Number              EN : 10
European Number Separator    ES :  2
European Number Terminator   ET :  7
Common Number Separator      CS :  4
Other Neutral                ON : 40

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character
  4. The Unicode General Category for the character
  5. The Unicode Bidirectional Category for the character
  6. The Unicode version when this character was added

If the characters below show up poorly, or not at all, see Unicode Support for possible solutions.


Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms

     Fullwidth ASCII variants
See ASCII 0020 - 007E

U+FF01   !   fullwidth exclamation mark Po ON 1.1
U+FF02   "   fullwidth quotation mark Po ON 1.1
U+FF03   #   fullwidth number sign Po ET 1.1
U+FF04   $   fullwidth dollar sign Sc ET 1.1
U+FF05   %   fullwidth percent sign Po ET 1.1
U+FF06   &   fullwidth ampersand Po ON 1.1
U+FF07   '   fullwidth apostrophe Po ON 1.1
U+FF08   (   fullwidth left parenthesis Ps ON 1.1
U+FF09   )   fullwidth right parenthesis Pe ON 1.1
U+FF0A   *   fullwidth asterisk Po ON 1.1
U+FF0B   +   fullwidth plus sign Sm ES 1.1
U+FF0C   ,   fullwidth comma Po CS 1.1
U+FF0D   -   fullwidth hyphen minus Pd ES 1.1
U+FF0E   .   fullwidth full stop Po CS 1.1
U+FF0F   /   fullwidth solidus Po CS 1.1
U+FF10   0   fullwidth digit zero Nd EN 1.1
U+FF11   1   fullwidth digit one Nd EN 1.1
U+FF12   2   fullwidth digit two Nd EN 1.1
U+FF13   3   fullwidth digit three Nd EN 1.1
U+FF14   4   fullwidth digit four Nd EN 1.1
U+FF15   5   fullwidth digit five Nd EN 1.1
U+FF16   6   fullwidth digit six Nd EN 1.1
U+FF17   7   fullwidth digit seven Nd EN 1.1
U+FF18   8   fullwidth digit eight Nd EN 1.1
U+FF19   9   fullwidth digit nine Nd EN 1.1
U+FF1A   :   fullwidth colon Po CS 1.1
U+FF1B   ;   fullwidth semicolon Po ON 1.1
U+FF1C   <   fullwidth less than sign Sm ON 1.1
U+FF1D   =   fullwidth equals sign Sm ON 1.1
U+FF1E   >   fullwidth greater than sign Sm ON 1.1
U+FF1F   ?   fullwidth question mark Po ON 1.1
U+FF20   @   fullwidth commercial at Po ON 1.1
U+FF21   A   fullwidth Latin capital letter A Lu L 1.1
U+FF22   B   fullwidth Latin capital letter B Lu L 1.1
U+FF23   C   fullwidth Latin capital letter C Lu L 1.1
U+FF24   D   fullwidth Latin capital letter D Lu L 1.1
U+FF25   E   fullwidth Latin capital letter E Lu L 1.1
U+FF26   F   fullwidth Latin capital letter F Lu L 1.1
U+FF27   G   fullwidth Latin capital letter G Lu L 1.1
U+FF28   H   fullwidth Latin capital letter H Lu L 1.1
U+FF29   I   fullwidth Latin capital letter I Lu L 1.1
U+FF2A   J   fullwidth Latin capital letter J Lu L 1.1
U+FF2B   K   fullwidth Latin capital letter K Lu L 1.1
U+FF2C   L   fullwidth Latin capital letter L Lu L 1.1
U+FF2D   M   fullwidth Latin capital letter M Lu L 1.1
U+FF2E   N   fullwidth Latin capital letter N Lu L 1.1
U+FF2F   O   fullwidth Latin capital letter O Lu L 1.1
U+FF30   P   fullwidth Latin capital letter P Lu L 1.1
U+FF31   Q   fullwidth Latin capital letter Q Lu L 1.1
U+FF32   R   fullwidth Latin capital letter R Lu L 1.1
U+FF33   S   fullwidth Latin capital letter S Lu L 1.1
U+FF34   T   fullwidth Latin capital letter T Lu L 1.1
U+FF35   U   fullwidth Latin capital letter U Lu L 1.1
U+FF36   V   fullwidth Latin capital letter V Lu L 1.1
U+FF37   W   fullwidth Latin capital letter W Lu L 1.1
U+FF38   X   fullwidth Latin capital letter X Lu L 1.1
U+FF39   Y   fullwidth Latin capital letter Y Lu L 1.1
U+FF3A   Z   fullwidth Latin capital letter Z Lu L 1.1
U+FF3B   [   fullwidth left square bracket Ps ON 1.1
U+FF3C   \   fullwidth reverse solidus Po ON 1.1
U+FF3D   ]   fullwidth right square bracket Pe ON 1.1
U+FF3E   ^   fullwidth circumflex accent Sk ON 1.1
U+FF3F   _   fullwidth low line Pc ON 1.1
U+FF40   `   fullwidth grave accent Sk ON 1.1
U+FF41   a   fullwidth Latin small letter A Ll L 1.1
U+FF42   b   fullwidth Latin small letter B Ll L 1.1
U+FF43   c   fullwidth Latin small letter C Ll L 1.1
U+FF44   d   fullwidth Latin small letter D Ll L 1.1
U+FF45   e   fullwidth Latin small letter E Ll L 1.1
U+FF46   f   fullwidth Latin small letter F Ll L 1.1
U+FF47   g   fullwidth Latin small letter G Ll L 1.1
U+FF48   h   fullwidth Latin small letter H Ll L 1.1
U+FF49   i   fullwidth Latin small letter I Ll L 1.1
U+FF4A   j   fullwidth Latin small letter J Ll L 1.1
U+FF4B   k   fullwidth Latin small letter K Ll L 1.1
U+FF4C   l   fullwidth Latin small letter L Ll L 1.1
U+FF4D   m   fullwidth Latin small letter M Ll L 1.1
U+FF4E   n   fullwidth Latin small letter N Ll L 1.1
U+FF4F   o   fullwidth Latin small letter O Ll L 1.1
U+FF50   p   fullwidth Latin small letter P Ll L 1.1
U+FF51   q   fullwidth Latin small letter Q Ll L 1.1
U+FF52   r   fullwidth Latin small letter R Ll L 1.1
U+FF53   s   fullwidth Latin small letter S Ll L 1.1
U+FF54   t   fullwidth Latin small letter T Ll L 1.1
U+FF55   u   fullwidth Latin small letter U Ll L 1.1
U+FF56   v   fullwidth Latin small letter V Ll L 1.1
U+FF57   w   fullwidth Latin small letter W Ll L 1.1
U+FF58   x   fullwidth Latin small letter X Ll L 1.1
U+FF59   y   fullwidth Latin small letter Y Ll L 1.1
U+FF5A   z   fullwidth Latin small letter Z Ll L 1.1
U+FF5B   {   fullwidth left curly bracket Ps ON 1.1
U+FF5C   |   fullwidth vertical line Sm ON 1.1
U+FF5D   }   fullwidth right curly bracket Pe ON 1.1
U+FF5E   ~   fullwidth tilde Sm ON 1.1

     Fullwidth brackets

U+FF5F   ⦅   fullwidth left white parenthesis Ps ON 3.2
* the most commonly occurring glyph variant looks like doubled parentheses
ref U+2E28   ⸨   left double parenthesis (Supplemental Punctuation)
U+FF60   ⦆   fullwidth right white parenthesis Pe ON 3.2

     Halfwidth CJK punctuation
See CJK punctuation 3000 - 303F

U+FF61   。   halfwidth ideographic full stop Po ON 1.1
U+FF62   「   halfwidth left corner bracket Ps ON 1.1
U+FF63   」   halfwidth right corner bracket Pe ON 1.1
U+FF64   、   halfwidth ideographic comma Po ON 1.1

     Halfwidth Katakana variants
See Katakana 30A0 - 30FF

U+FF65   ・   halfwidth Katakana middle dot Po ON 1.1
U+FF66   ヲ   halfwidth Katakana letter wo Lo L 1.1
U+FF67   ァ   halfwidth Katakana letter small a Lo L 1.1
U+FF68   ィ   halfwidth Katakana letter small i Lo L 1.1
U+FF69   ゥ   halfwidth Katakana letter small u Lo L 1.1
U+FF6A   ェ   halfwidth Katakana letter small e Lo L 1.1
U+FF6B   ォ   halfwidth Katakana letter small o Lo L 1.1
U+FF6C   ャ   halfwidth Katakana letter small ya Lo L 1.1
U+FF6D   ュ   halfwidth Katakana letter small yu Lo L 1.1
U+FF6E   ョ   halfwidth Katakana letter small yo Lo L 1.1
U+FF6F   ッ   halfwidth Katakana letter small tu Lo L 1.1
U+FF70   ー   halfwidth Katakana Hiragana prolonged sound mark Lm L 1.1
U+FF71   ア   halfwidth Katakana letter A Lo L 1.1
U+FF72   イ   halfwidth Katakana letter I Lo L 1.1
U+FF73   ウ   halfwidth Katakana letter U Lo L 1.1
U+FF74   エ   halfwidth Katakana letter E Lo L 1.1
U+FF75   オ   halfwidth Katakana letter O Lo L 1.1
U+FF76   カ   halfwidth Katakana letter ka Lo L 1.1
U+FF77   キ   halfwidth Katakana letter ki Lo L 1.1
U+FF78   ク   halfwidth Katakana letter ku Lo L 1.1
U+FF79   ケ   halfwidth Katakana letter ke Lo L 1.1
U+FF7A   コ   halfwidth Katakana letter ko Lo L 1.1
U+FF7B   サ   halfwidth Katakana letter sa Lo L 1.1
U+FF7C   シ   halfwidth Katakana letter si Lo L 1.1
U+FF7D   ス   halfwidth Katakana letter su Lo L 1.1
U+FF7E   セ   halfwidth Katakana letter se Lo L 1.1
U+FF7F   ソ   halfwidth Katakana letter so Lo L 1.1
U+FF80   タ   halfwidth Katakana letter ta Lo L 1.1
U+FF81   チ   halfwidth Katakana letter ti Lo L 1.1
U+FF82   ツ   halfwidth Katakana letter tu Lo L 1.1
U+FF83   テ   halfwidth Katakana letter te Lo L 1.1
U+FF84   ト   halfwidth Katakana letter to Lo L 1.1
U+FF85   ナ   halfwidth Katakana letter na Lo L 1.1
U+FF86   ニ   halfwidth Katakana letter ni Lo L 1.1
U+FF87   ヌ   halfwidth Katakana letter nu Lo L 1.1
U+FF88   ネ   halfwidth Katakana letter ne Lo L 1.1
U+FF89   ノ   halfwidth Katakana letter no Lo L 1.1
U+FF8A   ハ   halfwidth Katakana letter ha Lo L 1.1
U+FF8B   ヒ   halfwidth Katakana letter hi Lo L 1.1
U+FF8C   フ   halfwidth Katakana letter hu Lo L 1.1
U+FF8D   ヘ   halfwidth Katakana letter he Lo L 1.1
U+FF8E   ホ   halfwidth Katakana letter ho Lo L 1.1
U+FF8F   マ   halfwidth Katakana letter ma Lo L 1.1
U+FF90   ミ   halfwidth Katakana letter mi Lo L 1.1
U+FF91   ム   halfwidth Katakana letter mu Lo L 1.1
U+FF92   メ   halfwidth Katakana letter me Lo L 1.1
U+FF93   モ   halfwidth Katakana letter mo Lo L 1.1
U+FF94   ヤ   halfwidth Katakana letter ya Lo L 1.1
U+FF95   ユ   halfwidth Katakana letter yu Lo L 1.1
U+FF96   ヨ   halfwidth Katakana letter yo Lo L 1.1
U+FF97   ラ   halfwidth Katakana letter ra Lo L 1.1
U+FF98   リ   halfwidth Katakana letter ri Lo L 1.1
U+FF99   ル   halfwidth Katakana letter ru Lo L 1.1
U+FF9A   レ   halfwidth Katakana letter re Lo L 1.1
U+FF9B   ロ   halfwidth Katakana letter ro Lo L 1.1
U+FF9C   ワ   halfwidth Katakana letter wa Lo L 1.1
U+FF9D   ン   halfwidth Katakana letter N Lo L 1.1
U+FF9E   ゙   halfwidth Katakana voiced sound mark Lm L 1.1
U+FF9F   ゚   halfwidth Katakana semi voiced sound mark Lm L 1.1

     Halfwidth Hangul variants
See Hangul Compatibility Jamo 3130 - 318F

U+FFA0   ᅠ   halfwidth Hangul filler Lo L 1.1
U+FFA1   ᄀ   halfwidth Hangul letter kiyeok Lo L 1.1
U+FFA2   ᄁ   halfwidth Hangul letter ssangkiyeok Lo L 1.1
U+FFA3   ᆪ   halfwidth Hangul letter kiyeok sios Lo L 1.1
U+FFA4   ᄂ   halfwidth Hangul letter nieun Lo L 1.1
U+FFA5   ᆬ   halfwidth Hangul letter nieun cieuc Lo L 1.1
U+FFA6   ᆭ   halfwidth Hangul letter nieun hieuh Lo L 1.1
U+FFA7   ᄃ   halfwidth Hangul letter tikeut Lo L 1.1
U+FFA8   ᄄ   halfwidth Hangul letter ssangtikeut Lo L 1.1
U+FFA9   ᄅ   halfwidth Hangul letter rieul Lo L 1.1
U+FFAA   ᆰ   halfwidth Hangul letter rieul kiyeok Lo L 1.1
U+FFAB   ᆱ   halfwidth Hangul letter rieul mieum Lo L 1.1
U+FFAC   ᆲ   halfwidth Hangul letter rieul pieup Lo L 1.1
U+FFAD   ᆳ   halfwidth Hangul letter rieul sios Lo L 1.1
U+FFAE   ᆴ   halfwidth Hangul letter rieul thieuth Lo L 1.1
U+FFAF   ᆵ   halfwidth Hangul letter rieul phieuph Lo L 1.1
U+FFB0   ᄚ   halfwidth Hangul letter rieul hieuh Lo L 1.1
U+FFB1   ᄆ   halfwidth Hangul letter mieum Lo L 1.1
U+FFB2   ᄇ   halfwidth Hangul letter pieup Lo L 1.1
U+FFB3   ᄈ   halfwidth Hangul letter ssangpieup Lo L 1.1
U+FFB4   ᄡ   halfwidth Hangul letter pieup sios Lo L 1.1
U+FFB5   ᄉ   halfwidth Hangul letter sios Lo L 1.1
U+FFB6   ᄊ   halfwidth Hangul letter ssangsios Lo L 1.1
U+FFB7   ᄋ   halfwidth Hangul letter ieung Lo L 1.1
U+FFB8   ᄌ   halfwidth Hangul letter cieuc Lo L 1.1
U+FFB9   ᄍ   halfwidth Hangul letter ssangcieuc Lo L 1.1
U+FFBA   ᄎ   halfwidth Hangul letter chieuch Lo L 1.1
U+FFBB   ᄏ   halfwidth Hangul letter khieukh Lo L 1.1
U+FFBC   ᄐ   halfwidth Hangul letter thieuth Lo L 1.1
U+FFBD   ᄑ   halfwidth Hangul letter phieuph Lo L 1.1
U+FFBE   ᄒ   halfwidth Hangul letter hieuh Lo L 1.1
U+FFC2   ᅡ   halfwidth Hangul letter A Lo L 1.1
U+FFC3   ᅢ   halfwidth Hangul letter ae Lo L 1.1
U+FFC4   ᅣ   halfwidth Hangul letter ya Lo L 1.1
U+FFC5   ᅤ   halfwidth Hangul letter yae Lo L 1.1
U+FFC6   ᅥ   halfwidth Hangul letter eo Lo L 1.1
U+FFC7   ᅦ   halfwidth Hangul letter E Lo L 1.1
U+FFCA   ᅧ   halfwidth Hangul letter yeo Lo L 1.1
U+FFCB   ᅨ   halfwidth Hangul letter ye Lo L 1.1
U+FFCC   ᅩ   halfwidth Hangul letter O Lo L 1.1
U+FFCD   ᅪ   halfwidth Hangul letter wa Lo L 1.1
U+FFCE   ᅫ   halfwidth Hangul letter wae Lo L 1.1
U+FFCF   ᅬ   halfwidth Hangul letter oe Lo L 1.1
U+FFD2   ᅭ   halfwidth Hangul letter yo Lo L 1.1
U+FFD3   ᅮ   halfwidth Hangul letter U Lo L 1.1
U+FFD4   ᅯ   halfwidth Hangul letter weo Lo L 1.1
U+FFD5   ᅰ   halfwidth Hangul letter we Lo L 1.1
U+FFD6   ᅱ   halfwidth Hangul letter wi Lo L 1.1
U+FFD7   ᅲ   halfwidth Hangul letter yu Lo L 1.1
U+FFDA   ᅳ   halfwidth Hangul letter eu Lo L 1.1
U+FFDB   ᅴ   halfwidth Hangul letter Yi Lo L 1.1
U+FFDC   ᅵ   halfwidth Hangul letter I Lo L 1.1

     Fullwidth symbol variants
See Latin-1 00A0 - 00FF

U+FFE0   ¢   fullwidth cent sign Sc ET 1.1
U+FFE1   £   fullwidth pound sign Sc ET 1.1
U+FFE2   ¬   fullwidth not sign Sm ON 1.1
U+FFE3    ̄   fullwidth macron Sk ON 1.1
* sometimes treated as fullwidth overline
ref U+203E   ‾   overline (General Punctuation)
U+FFE4   ¦   fullwidth broken bar So ON 1.1
U+FFE5   ¥   fullwidth yen sign Sc ET 1.1
U+FFE6   ₩   fullwidth won sign Sc ET 1.1

     Halfwidth symbol variants

U+FFE8   │   halfwidth forms light vertical So ON 1.1
U+FFE9   ←   halfwidth leftwards arrow Sm ON 1.1
U+FFEA   ↑   halfwidth upwards arrow Sm ON 1.1
U+FFEB   →   halfwidth rightwards arrow Sm ON 1.1
U+FFEC   ↓   halfwidth downwards arrow Sm ON 1.1
U+FFED   ■   halfwidth black square So ON 1.1
U+FFEE   ○   halfwidth white circle So ON 1.1
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