Outrageously beautiful piece of music by Massive Attack, featuring Shara Nelson on vocals. This orchestral/trip-hop masterpiece is complemented by a wonderfully simple video, which features Shara Nelson walking down a city street.

This soaring, gorgeous piece; replete with pounding bass drums and sinuous orchestral strings that float ephemerally around your mind and linger long after you've turned off the CD player; with sighing lyrics that cry about days and nights, books that have been opened and hurt and cuts; and dark, cryptic samples of anonymous male vocals suspended ominously in the background; has been interpreted by Tina Turner before, on her Wildest Dreams album, released in 1996.

That actually puts things in perspective for me, a simple love song becomes a lamentation on hurt and exactly what the title proclaims; that is, sympathy, unresolved and intricate, like a web. Especially when you hear the lyrics of the song and consider her past relationship with Ike Turner.

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