Having been in and out of the music industry for quite a few years, its come to my interest that there is more music around you that goes virtually unnoticed. If you pay close attention, you will find an orchestra playing a natural symphony surrounding you at all times.

For instance, a few evenings ago, around 3 a.m., I was awakened by ambient yet emotional sounds projected from the bathroom. Half asleep, I wondered in, got a drink of water and stood listening to this unusual rhythmic sound pulsating from my commode. There were oozing sounds of water under duress periodically obliging its way between the worn rubber diaphragm in a frantic ballet of high-pressure escape to the bowl.

I found myself mesmerized by the tonal qualities and subtle innuendoes, so I sat down in the floor to listen a while. There were infinite waves that virtually sounded deliberate, heaving to apply enough pressure to slip the restrictions of the valve. The beauty was there only to the avid listener that would appreciate the sound and not its source.

After the delightful unsolicited symphony, which lasted fifteen minutes or so, it was over and silence overshadowed the small room which artist and instruments were only the water and toilet with me as the sole audience. I drifted back to bed reflecting on this dance in the night that is irritating for most people. Although, only because they merely don't take time to pause and enjoy the simplicity of music that's instigated by no one and rarely appreciated.

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