Trip reports are writings outlining what happened after a person has ingested mind-altering substances. They are an invaluable resource that can educate many people.

Quality ranges from semi-scientific reports outlining the effects at regular time periods after dosing, to the "man...I was just SOOO fucked up. It was coool!@!#" kind.

In general, it's a good idea to read up on a drug before you try it yourself. Through trip reports, you can garner lots of helpful information such as:

  • how much to take
  • which method of dosing works best (snorting, eating, injecting)
  • warnings of what not to do while on a particular substance(i.e. watch Faces of Death while on acid)
  • fun things to try while on said substance (i.e. playing in the snow/go swimming while rolling)
  • what you can expect while on that particular drug
Trip reports are an interesting read even if you are not a drug user. A large respository for trip reports is at The Lycaeum @ Be smart. Be safe.

E2 Trip Report Metanode

Seeing as a large percentage of noders have dabbled in recreational chemicals, it's only fitting that E2 has quite a number of trip reports in the database. Most of the write-ups that fall into this category have rather abtuse titles. It's just probably a good idea to have a metanode to contain the madness.

The list (by substance):

I'm sure there are a treasure trove more out there in E2land. I haven't gone through the daylogs, which are bound to contain a few here or there. If you find a writeup that details a noder's experience on drugs, /msg me the node so I can link it here. Thanks!

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