In the fantasy novels of Rick Cook, the leader of the evil Dark League of wizards in a sword-and-sorcery world, who presided over the height of its power, but was killed in the assault by Wiz Zumwalt and the forces of the North.

In earlier days, he was known as Toth-Ra, and was regarded as a minor wizard, of little concern. His fortunes rose when he managed to glean one important treasure from the tomb of the great wizard Amon-Set, destroyed by Shiara the Silver--the powerful slaying demon Bale-Zur. With the demon's help, he eliminated his rivals for power in the Dark League and became its leader.

When he learned of Patrius' Great Summoning and subsequent death, Toth-Set-Ra became very interested in the person Patrius had Summoned, due in part to the predictions of death and destruction for the League given to him by a demon servant. At his orders, servants of the Dark League pursued Wiz and Moira in their flight through the Wild Wood, but to no avail. Even as he did so, he was fighting off the aspirations of Atros to replace him in the leader's role.

When the League detected one of Wiz's early attempts at casting a spell near Heart's Ease by means of his magic programming language, Toth-Set-Ra ordered the place stormed and the magician captured. His minions captured Moira, but ignored Wiz because he had no trace of magic about him. (Wiz's magic was worked second-hand, and left no traces on him the way ordinary spells would.) When Wiz's magical attack began, and Toth-Set-Ra noticed the League's own spells losing power, he attempted to send Bale-Zur to destroy Wiz, but, as Wiz's true name had never been spoken within the World, the demon could not attack Wiz. His bargain with the demon broken, Toth-Set-Ra was killed by Bale-Zur, and the Dark League's power did not survive him long.

Source: Rick Cook, Wizard's Bane

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