In the fantasy novels of Rick Cook, the home of Shiara the Silver deep within the Wild Wood in the sword-and-sorcery World. Heart's Ease was located in a "quiet zone" where very little natural magic existed, and was unusual among structures in that World in that it was constructed completely by mundane means, without the aid of magic. (This was because Shiara suffered great pain in the presence of magic, after the explosion in the tomb of Amon-Set that also took her sight and killed her husband, Cormac.) Heart's Ease consisted of a single square tower surrounded by numerous outbuildings, the whole enclosed in a wooden stockade. About two hundred yards outside the keep was a small log stable that Wiz used for his early research to produce his magic compiler.

Heart's Ease was stormed by forces of the Dark League after they detected one of Wiz's early attempts at creating magic with his spell compiler system. The keep was burned to the ground, but was later rebuilt, using the same construction techniques.

Heart's Ease was well-known as a place of refuge, which was why Bal-Simba sent Wiz and Moira there. Later, Wiz had five homeless Brownies sent there by Duke Aelric. Moira also traveled there herself to seek Shiara's advice on relationships.

Source: Rick Cook, Wizard's Bane, The Wizardry Compiled

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