In the fantasy novels of Rick Cook, a powerful wizard of the Dark League who sought to usurp the power of its leader, Toth-Set-Ra. Physically, Atros was a big man with shoulder-length dark hair, who commonly wore a black bearskin. Privately, he referred to Toth-Set-Ra as "the old crow," and schemed to recruit allies within the League that could help him seize its throne. Toth-Set-Ra was aware of his schemings, but chose to retain Atros as a useful tool.

Toth-Set-Ra set him the task of finding Wiz Zumwalt as the Cupertino programmer made his way across the Wild Wood guided by Moira the hedge witch, but Atros was unable to locate him. Later, as Wiz traveled to the dungeons beneath the City of Night to rescue Moira, Atros (now the mightiest in the League, since Toth-Set-Ra had died some time previously) enganed him in a duel of magic. He would have gained the upper hand, but Bal-Simba was able to reach Wiz via the Wizard's Way in time to thwart the attack and send Atros through a magically-opened chasm into the depths of the World, killing him.

Source: Rick Cook, Wizard's Bane

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