Tokyo Breakfast is the name of a one-off television show that aired on Japan One in October 2000 (though it was actually filmed in Los Angeles by American actors). It's about six minutes long, and is mostly in English, with Japanese subtitles. It consists wholly of a family of five Japanese people lampooning the lower-class urban African-Americans and white suburban commando American mass media stereotypes.

It was either recorded in front of a live studio audience or there's a laugh track playing throughout. The teenaged son interacts with the possible audience several times with the kissing-two-fingers/pointing-to-crowd Sammy Sosa gesture.

The Japanese family (a business suited father, a June Cleaver-like mother, a portly, fishing hat-wearing son, a curvy, ghetto fabulous daughter and a fisherman grandfather) spend the entire six minutes calling each other 'nigga' in Japanese-accented English ("You stock a-went down, nigga!" says the father, while reading the business section of the newspaper), listening to rap music, and preparing/eating a soul food breakfast of chicken and waffles. "Bitch! You my numbah one nigga!" Junior says while reeling back a bit, as Mom lays out breakfast.

In the end, an actual black man shows up, and then... well, you'll have to see for yourself, but rest assured, hilarity ensues. Tokyo Breakfast can be downloaded from the following URL: (Quicktime 6.0 required)

As the years progress, the above URL will probably become invalid at some point. If you want to download Tokyo Breakfast but that URL isn't working anymore, you can probably find it on any P2P network worth its salt.

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