(a/k/a "Wodka Wick Blau")

Strange alcoholic concoction invented or at least made popular among us guys by a good friend of mine. To make it, you need two things:

To make it:

  1. Wrap the cough drops in a towel and hit them with a hammer. Often and hard. Smash them. Crush them. Grind them to a powder. Yeah, that's the spirit.
  2. Open the vodka bottle.
  3. Carefully pour the powder into the bottle.
  4. Screw the vodka bottle tight again.
  5. Shake the living daylights out of the bottle till the powder has completely dissolved.
  • The resulting stuff has amazing properties. You can hardly taste the alcohol in it, and thus it will get you drunk in no time flat even if you don't particularly like strong liquor. What's even better: at the time you wake up in the morning, no bad taste will be left in your mouth. My friend has also told me that sufficient amounts of Moscow Morning, applied directly before going to a warm and comfortable bed, will cure the common cold overnight. It's almost unnecessary to say that Moscow Morning will also clear obstructed throats and is thus the ideal drink for singers.
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