I am the mom of a Special Needs child, and I have no problem getting up on my high horse and telling people when they are out of line. Often my views are not popular but I stand by them and hope they are at least respected. So how do I feel about the character Timmy on South Park?

I love him!

So do thousands of people with special needs and their families. Why? Because he is one of the guys - included the way many with physical and developmental handicaps often only wish they could be.

He gets to do cool things - he appeared on television and sang lead in the band Lords of the Underworld. The kids taught him how to ice skate, enlisted his help when they needed a few teeth pulled, and even baptised him so he wouldn't go to hell.

The best part of Timmy is that there is no schoolyard teasing. While I certainly don't agree that shows like South Park influence most kids into aggression, I do think the influence might give kids and adults alike permission to treat disabled people like one of the gang. What more could a mom ask for?

Go, Timmy, Go!

A friend of mine is a big Timmy fan. He actually bought the single of Lords of the Underworld's song. For those who are wondering what Timmy is always going on about, the song is called "Timmy: Living a Lie". There is also a bonus track featuring the ever popular "Darkness Fills My Heart with Pain". So, I can only assume that when Timmy is up on stage going... "TIMMAH! TIMMAH! OH LIVALIE TIMMEH!" is trying to say "Timmy, living a lie."

Just though I'd give vindication to his thoughts.

Timmy is a character in South Park. He's a little boy that's retarded and bound to a wheelchair, most probably paraplegic. He can't say much else than his name, maybe a few easier phrases.

His band is called "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld". Their first song is called like that, too. The first line of lyrics was that phrase, too. Can you notice a pattern? :-) The second line of the song was "Darkness fills my heart with pain", but Timmy doesn't sing that, Skyler and the Lords do. The Lords play some fast rock, Timmy yells his name all the time, and that's about it. Amusingly enough, they become more popular than Phil Collins in one episode.

They had another song, it was called "Livin' A Lie". It's a bit different than the other one, there's some pseudo-rap in it, but it's also pretty much pointless and is based on Timmy shouting his name in various ways.

[after hearing Timmy's song]
Cartman: That was awesome!
Stan: Yeah, Timmy rules!
Timmy: Timmy!
Timmy is a LEGO minifig with freckles, a jaunty little blue cap, a baseball shirt, and sparkling bright eyes. He is supposed to be a boy of about seven years of age, although like all junior minifigs (including, famously, the young Anakin Skywalker fig found in Star Wars Lego), he is just as tall as all of his elders. Also, as nearly everyone who gets his hands on a Timmy has discovered firsthand, a mere change of headpiece makes Timmy into a convincing preteen girl.

Needless to say, every Adult Fan of LEGO who wants to keep his netcred alive professes hatred for Timmy on par with Trek fans' hatred for Wesley Crusher and adult Star Wars fans' loathing of Jar Jar Binks. Timmy is sometimes made into a kind of emblem for what some fans consider to be the watering down or lobotomizing of LEGO over the years. At the same time, the popularity of the Timmy of South Park is rubbing off on the Timmy of LEGO, and in some circles he shows signs of becoming a kind of cult figure (no pun intended).

Timmy first crawled out of LEGO HQ as part of the Time Cruisers theme in 1996. His actual, technical name was "Tim." Before this short-lived theme, some near-Timmys appeared in Town-themed sets. Perhaps merely because AFOLs snapped up the hodge-podge Time Cruisers sets for interesting spare parts (rather than their own dubious aesthetic merit), lots of Timmys are floating around in the LEGO hobbyist world. He now shows up in half of the LEGO web pages out there, usually as the butt of an absurd joke. Ironically, all the playerhaters have helped make Timmy the first truly famous LEGO character in history, and still the best known next to the cast of Bionicle.

Timmy now leads a double LEGO life, as a large-scale PRIMO figure in the Timmy on Tour (???) Stack n' Learn set and other large sets for infants.

Timmy was the professor's assistant on one of the itchy and scratchy type spots on the early 90's show the Dinosaurs. His role was very similar to that of Beaker on The Muppet Show. The professor would set up Timmy with a dangerous experiment, and then Step Behind The Lead Shield.

"Timmy, why don't you pour this nitroglycerine into that blender and turn it on, while I step behind the lead shield."


"We're gonna need another Timmy!".


Timmy was also Crow T. Robot's "special friend" on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode Fire Maidens of Outer Space. He is essentially an evil version of Crow painted black. The puppet used for Timmy is the puppet they use for the theater segments, as it shows up better in silhouette.

Upon discovering Timmy's evilness, Joel Hodgson shot Timmy out of the airlock of the Satellite of Love. Timmy showed up in Deep 13, where he promply terrorized Dr. Clayton Forrester and TV's Frank.

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