Ice Hockey player:
position: Right Wing
height: 5'10"
no.: 28

Domi is a bulldog with an aggressive attitude and determination that make him a force to be reckoned with. Tie is a player who gives a full effort night in and night out. When you see Tie Domi play, you see a player who never lets up and skates every shift to the best of his ability.

From 1987-1999 Tie recorded approximately 3513 penalty minutes. That's 58.55 hours or 2.439 days. Bummer.
Tie Domi permanently established his place on NHL highlight films and blooper reels on March 29, 2001, when Domi got into a fight with a fan...during a game!

Domi's Toronto Maple Leafs were playing on the road versus the Philadelphia Flyers in hostile First Union Center. Domi was in the penalty box (a common place for him), when a drunk Philadelphia fan right behind the penalty box started yelling at him and hitting the glass. An irritated Domi took a water bottle and squirted the fan several times. The drunk fan became angry and tried to get at Domi when the protective glass gave way, and the fan fell into the penalty box with Domi. Domi and the fan exchanged blows before being separated.

A truly surreal scene. Domi was fined by the league for his actions.

Domi has played for the New York Rangers, Winnipeg Jets, and Toronto Maple Leafs in his NHL career which started in 1989-1990 (has it really been that long?).

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