The penalty box is also an ice hockey term for the area where players are "detained" after committing a penalty. Minor penalties last 2 minutes; major penalties are 5 minutes.

Penalty boxes of the two teams are usually separated by a partition, to prevent any altercations.

It's also separated from the fans, although that didn't stop a fan in Philadelphia from going after Tie Domi in 2001.

The penalty box has many nicknames, including "The Sin Bin".

E2's version of the penalty box is being borged.

In Association Football, a demarcated area 44 yards wide by 18 yards deep in front of each goal, within which any foul or handball committed by a player on the defending side will give rise to a penalty kick rather than the free kick which would have been given elsewhere on the pitch. Also referred to as the "eighteen-yard box".

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