Former defenseman (#29) and infamous enforcer for the Boston Bruins, formerly of the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers. Born in 1963, as of this write-up he's been in the NHL some 17 years.

McSorely was suspended in February of 2000, after an assault during a game on Donald Brashear, left wing for the Vancouver Canucks; he tried to start a fight by smacking Brashear upside the head with his stick, giving him a concussion which took him out of play for 20 games. McSorley was charged in the Canadian courts with assault with a deadly weapon, and received a suspended sentence. He will be allowed to return to the game in February of 2001, and is free to sign a new contract.

His was the longest suspension ever given in the NHL for a single act on the ice, and brought many complaints from enforcers everywhere, including a protest from Tie Domi. Right, like anyone would listen to Tie Domi for advice on Hockey etiquette...

Like most enforcers, his game sucks ass, but he knows how to open up a big old can of whoopass in the brief time before he inevitably gets sent to the box.

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