Distant stars abound the sky so that nothing can be seen,
The firmament and earth alike bleached of their visual signatures.

If I opened my eyes, the light burned through them to the far sides.
The heat of the stars charred my surfaces to inutile ash,
So that I could no longer feel myself step forward,
Or smell the turbulent chemicals polluting my nostrils,
Or taste the nourishment passing my palette, and filling my belly.
I heard the stars combust once, and my ears exploded with them.

Then I found my lover girl, the stars having fated it,
And when I opened my eyes, she absorbed the starlight from hers,
And when I touched her skin, kissed her lips, or smelt her hair,
Her ashes scraped my ashes away, and my ashes scraped hers away,
And we knew each other particularly well.
When she whispered in my ear, it flooded the star-booms out,
Because they were so far away, and she was so near.

I have been holding my lover girl ever since,
And we have been keeping each the other sensitive.
Everybody needs attention.

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