In the eighties (and early nineties) Sky Channel had a childrens programme called "The D.J. Kat Show" whis was hosted by none other that the kool kat himself; D.J. Kat.

D.J. Kat was this cat puppet who preferred to sleep in a trash can, wore a black leather jacket and a fishbone necklace, had a female (human) co-host, and introduced cartoons. Kids could send in drawings and he hosted other small competitions too.

The thing I remember best was that he always had some project going on, and that his co-host often had to help him with it (or in some cases to get out of it). D.J. Kat's friend Milton (who we never got to see) was often the reason behind his schemes, and his main source of trash and "yuk". Yuk being D.J. Kat's favourite food, apparently.

Here's a song D.J. Kat used to sing:
I only like yuk, yuk, yuk,
straight out of a garbage truck,
I only like yuk,
and milk,
out of a dirty glass!

The co-host that held out the longest with D.J. Kat was Linda de Mol, but there were a few others as well. The programme used to run on weekdays, in the morning and in the afternoon.

There seems to be more than one instance of this character, one in Europe (the one I know about), and a similar one in the US. Since I only ever saw the European version, that's the one I'm writing about.

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