After long days that never seem to end, I climb onto my roof and look at the night sky. Whether it be cold or hot I don't care. I just love sitting on my roof and staring at the night sky. Never before has anyone joined me in on of my star gazing sessions and I couldn;t necessarily care either. Most of the times I go up there is so that I can be alone and away from everyone at any given time. I've cried myself to sleep so many times up there. My roof is the only thing that I can even trust anymore.

Lately though I've been yearning for someone..anyone.. to join me and gaze upon the stars with me. At times it becomes so lonely at home I just climb on my roof and stare up. Never has anything as beautiful as a night sky full of stars been seen before. I'm in love with the stars Maybe I'll go up there when I'm done with this. Why must my roof be so peaceful. Someone join me up there I feel so utterly alone. I want someone to call my own. I want someone to look with me at the stars I feel depressed....I'm going outside

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