By converting the number 666 into different base number systems one discovers a sinister conglomerate of locations, companies, and products that are united under Satan to destroy all that is good. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of different number systems, the node number system gives a decent explanation. Note that for digits beyond the standard 0-9 I have use the alphabet, first capitalized (values 10-35), then lowercase (values 36-61). And so, without further ado, here is my exposition of the Mathematical Satanic Underground, detailed (and cited) by number system for systems base 1 through base 66:

  1. In base 1, a number is represented by a number of hatchmarks totalling its value. I was unable to find any particular significance in this.
  2. 1010011010 - This is the name of a particularly malicious news site that stands stolidly against any good Christian values.
  3. 211110 - Probably refers to the "Mamiya M645 Pro Tl Body #211110" camera. The indigenous peoples of North America believed that cameras stole the souls (seele) of those whose picture was taken, and this discovery may substantiate that claim.1
  4. 22120 - This is the zip code of Merrifield, Virginia. When exploring this connection further, I discovered that there are exactly 13 Middle Eastern restaurants in this town (according to the AOL Local Guide). And was Judas not the 13th person at the last supper, which took place in the Middle East?
  5. 10131 - This is the zip code of New York City (To be more specific, this particular zip code center approximately around 3rd Ave & E 70th St). With corruption so rampant on Wall Street, it should come as no surprise that this city is a haven of Satan.
  6. 3030 - 3030 Park is a New England retirement home. See the note about elderly peoples practicing necromancy in base 43. Additionally, one ought to note that this home is in New York, within sight of New York City (whose evil was noted in base 5).2
  7. 1641 - This number probably refers to the year 1641 AD, in which Satan slew English astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks. It is likely that this action was taken by Satan in order to prevent man from discovering information regarding the universe in which we live. I believe that Satan's purpose in doing this was to create a skepticism in mankind's psyche, causing us to question not only our universe, but also our Creator.3
  8. 1232 - Likely refers to Mohammed I of the Nasrid dynasty, who was king of Granada during the year in question. The city of Córdoba (located in Granada) was a cesspool of evil during the year 1232 AD, and continued to be so until 1236 AD when it was captured by good Christian armies. This was one atrocity mercifully wrested by God from Satan's grasp.4
  9. 820 - The radio station KGNW (AM 820) professes itself to be "Seattle's Christian Talk Station", but you must not be deceived by their lies. The "Featured Story" on their website blatantly encourages exposing teenagers to alcoholic persons. In the short time that I listened to this station, they twice stated firm support in an individual who has earned a great fortune by driving others into destitution. This is certainly not the sort of man that any good Christian should be supporting.5
  10. 666 - This is the accursed number noted in Revelation. For those slow on the uptake, this is not a bizarre coincidence; base 10 is the number system that is used in the Bible.
  11. 556 - ISTC Project KR-556 is a project specializing in the use of poisons (particularly cyanide). Those who are potential targets of Beelzebub's ploys might want to begin testing their foods to make sure that they are not being poisoned.6
  12. 466 - Probably refers to Boy Scout Troop 466 (based in Gladstone, Missouri). They were one of the major proponents of allowing homosexuals into the Boy Scout organization.7
  13. 3C3 - This is the code for student grievances at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Though I have yet to figure out the significance of this connection, I am sure that it is in some way relevant to the conspiracy.8
  14. 358 - Most likely refers to the year 358 BC, during which the Illyrians were defeated by the heathenous Phillip II of Macedonia. Note Philip's ploy of exploring Asia Minor (his purpose in this no doubt being to study the arcane arts practiced therein).9
  15. 2E6 - A reference to Fiona Craven's "educational" program that claims to provide instruction on basic electronics. This description is only partially correct: Ms Craven uses this program to teach volto-mancy, the magick of channeling electricity to precise locations in order to achieve malicious results.10
  16. 29A - Satan is indeed in touch with the "Information Age". He has enlisted a group of malicious crackers (who call themselves 29A Labs) to wreak havoc in the electronic world.11
  17. 253 - This is the exact number of iMacs donated to schools by Jewel Bank of Zimbabwe under the "Edu-Cat" computer promotion program. I am as yet unsure whether this implies a satanic influence is present in iMacs or Jewel Bank of Zimbabwe (or both).12
  18. 210 - This refers to James 2:10 (For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it). This verse is frequently used by Satan to convince those who have sinned to turn from the light of Jesus, claiming that the verse means that any who have sinned in the slightest way are guilty of every sin, and therefore may have no expectation but Hell. He further persuades these lost souls (seele) that, since they have sinned once, there is no inhibition against sinning further.
  19. 1G1 - 1G1 is the 3-character code for Elyria Airport in Elyria, Ohio. Members of certain satanic circles communicate through graffiti drawn on the wall of the men's restroom at this airport.13
  20. 1D6 - This is the solid evidence that D&D is indeed satanic. The current rules set (3rd Edition) is generically known as the d20 system (implying a connection to the base 20 number system). Additionally, the 1d6 (more commonly known as a 6-sided die) is used frequently in D&D, most notably in wizard spells such as Fireball or Lightning Bolt.
  21. 1AF - Refers to the YAO-1AF airplane. Though designed for military use, airplanes of this model have been used for the transport of hashish.14
  22. 186 - Even the technology industry is caught up in this terrible conspiracy. For those who do not know, the 186 was an early (pre-Pentium) computer processor.
  23. 15M - 15M is a commonly used design for towers used in electronic communication. See the note about volto-mancy in base 15.15
  24. 13I - This is the model notation for a chrome tray with the Miss America Pageant logo on it. This item may be purchased for US$8.00 (or for an additional US$3.00 one may add an engraving up to 15 letters in length, paying US$0.20 for each additional letter beyond 15).16
  25. 11G - In the Tasmanian Conservation Trust's newsletter 11G (released September 2000), David Lewellyn announced, inter alia, that: "The moratorium on genetically modified plants and plant products other than for use in contained research will ensure no further GMOs are released into the environment until a policy position is reached." This is just the kind of political backsliding that Satan utilizes to ensure that abominations against God such as GMOs (abbreviation of Genetically Modified Organisms) will be allowed to continue. All good right-minded Christians must speak out against Mr. Lewellyn's outrageous hesitancy to take a stand on the issue.17
  26. PG - Yes, it's true; all of those seemingly innocent movies you watched were really just warping your mind to convince you to accept the antichrist at such time as he should appear. I realize that this may be a hard idea for some of you to accept, but I swear to you that it is true.
  27. OI - OI is the Oriental Institute (a part of Chicago University). Their publications deal extensively with the arcane magicks that are so heavily practiced in Asia.18
  28. NM - This is the postal abbreviation of New Mexico. Need I say more?
  29. MS - Microsoft. In hindsight, I suppose this one's obvious.
  30. M6 - M6 (also known as NGC6405) is an open star cluster that can be seen (by the naked eye) in the constellation Scorpius. Likely this will be the origin of a doomsday asteroid that will "facilitate" souls (seele) to the great beyond.19
  31. LF - LF BOGART SCULPTURES is a well-known retailer of various paganistic items used in occult practices. They are also suspected of having ties to the Illuminati.20
  32. KQ - Likely refers to Krista Quiner, or more specifically, her "biography" on olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu. This book is Socialist diatribe of the highest order.
  33. K6 - Yet more proof of the computer chip industry's involvement in the occult. AMD, one of the major computer chip companies, produces a chip called the K6.
  34. JK - An expression frequently used by chatroom junkies to indicate that they are "just kidding". This substantiates the claim that Satan is a master of deceit; after all, people who spoke only the truth would have no need to use the phrase "just kidding".
  35. J1 - A quote taken directly from the J1 committee's website: "Technical Committee J1 is responsible for developing and maintaining the two standards for... [erotic] liaison activities with other[s]."21
  36. II - When spoken aloud, this would be pronounced "aye-aye". It is therefore likely that Satan has ties with pirates at the very least, and perhaps seafarers in general.
  37. I0 - A term found repeatedly in computer programming, frequently in reference to "STD"s. It might then be reasonable to suppose that Satan is working on creating a way to transmit STDs over the internet. Computer junkies beware!22
  38. HK - Possibly a reference to Hong Kong, a land fraught with evils: their infamous black market, the drug trade, and the deep occult roots in martial arts all make this a Satan-friendly city.
  39. H3 - You sunk my battleship
  40. GQ - This most likely references the magazine of the same name. If you are trying to keep up on current fashion trends, then you are likely inadvertently supporting the dark arts.
  41. GA - This is the postal abbreviation for Georgia. Georgia's involvement in the occult really shouldn't come as a surprise given that the Charlie Daniels Band put it in such plain terms in their song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". Unfortunately, there were not many who heeded this warning, and must now pay the price.
  42. Fa - On the musical scale, this is more accurately known as the note 'F'. Given that there are but seven notes (A-F), it is likely that virtually any song you listen to has connections to the Dark Lord. Thus Satan's influence in music is not limited to rock and roll, as previously thought, but is indeed prevalent in the music of every major composer.
  43. FL - This is the postal abbreviation of Florida. Florida's ties to the occult may be found in the inordinately large number of old people living there. Though some may claim that this is due to the warm climate which makes Florida an ideal retirement location, I believe that the true reason is somewhat more sinister. It is my theory that there is a large percentage of the population practicing necromancy in order to prolong their lives indefinitely. This seems a better explanation than "it has a warm climate".
  44. F6 - "Press the F6 HotKey in any eTelemet display to launch Snap NEWS on the ticker symbol that is reflected in the current window. For example, if you are viewing a Snap Report page on the ticker symbol 'EGGS,' press the F6 button on your keyboard (the F6 HotKey), and eTelemet builds a fully functioning Snap NEWS window that reflects information on the ticker symbol 'EGGS.' The F6 HotKey can be used in any eTelemet display."23
  45. Ea - Though the capitalization is incorrect, I believe that 'Ea' refers to the video game company Electronic Arts. I can say from experience that playing their games is indeed a torturous event.
  46. Em - This is the official spelling of the letter 'M'. And let's face it; all evils to this date have had some association with the letter 'M', from Mussolini to Marx to James Madison (who was one of the singularly most negative influences on our country in its founding years).
  47. E8 - E8 is the ECO chess code for the "King's Indian Defence" (Samisch Variation) maneuver. Telepathy conferred by super-terrestrial forces (such as Samael) have often been associated with increased ability in chess (as it is easy to evade an opponents defenses when you know their every thought). It is most likely that Satan conferred ungodly powers on Samisch, who utilized them to develop this chess maneuver.24
  48. Dg - See base 50.
  49. DT - The company whose symbol is DT in the New York Stock Exchange (see base 5) is Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom seems to be doing astoundingly well given that we are in a recession that is particularly unfriendly to technology companies.25
  50. DG - Obviously stands for novelist Dick Gackenbach, who has written a copious amount of Nazi propaganda veiled thinly as fiction novels such as Arabella and Mr. Crack or Binky Gets a Car. Note that one must be especially careful of Mr. Gackenbach's works, as his evil is dual in nature, as indicated by the double appearance of his initials (in bases 48 and 50).
  51. D3 - D3 is the standard notation in roleplaying games (such as Dungeons & Dragons) for 3-sided dice. In addition to affirming the evil of roleplaying games (see base 20), it is also probable that this is Satan's way of mocking the Holy Trinity (a dice of three sides must inevitably result in only one of the three aspects being chosen).
  52. Ci - See base 54
  53. CK - Stands for Clark Kent, the reporter-persona of Superman. There are two schools of thought on the nature of the evil portrayed by Mr. Kent. Some believe that this references the frequent use of the word superman (literally übermensch) to describe an enlightened being in Nietzsche's various anti-semitic writings.
  54. CI - As with base 50, these are the initials of an obscene novelist, in this case Caroline Ifeka. Her 'historical' book entitled Peoples and Empires of West Africa (co-authored with G.T. Stride) is a thinly veiled attempt to encourage public acts of homosexuality. The warning about duality of evil in base 50 applies equally to Ms Ifeka.
  55. C6 - One has but to visit to observe the nature of this evil. The very first link on the page describes the act of publicly urinating in Great Britain.26
  56. Bu - Bu is the Mandarin Chinese interjection of negation (equivalent to our word "no"). Probably relates to Satan's presence as the negative aspect of existence.
  57. Bd - Bd Systems is a growing high-technology company that provides Aerospace Engineering & Information Systems Services to the government. I highly suspect that this organization is affiliated as a contingency plan for Satan's horde, so they have ready access to the government should they feel their grip on the people slipping.27
  58. BS - A common expression meaning "bullshit". This confirms Satan's reputation for being deceitful in much the same fashion as Base 34.
  59. BH - As with base 65, the capitalization is incorrect, but I nevertheless believe that this refers to the element Bohrium (also known as unnilseptium). This element does not exist naturally, and so was created as a symbolic defiance of God's will.
  60. B6 - There is a noisome but commonly used pun in the game "Battleship". When someone calls the square B6, the other player will sometimes facetiously respond, "But I'm [insert age here]," as though they believed the calling of the coordinates to be a command ("Be six [years old <implied>]"). As anyone who has encountered this ploy will attest, it is infinitely annoying and unspeakably evil.
  61. Au - The abbreviation for the element Gold on the periodic table. The abbreviation 'Au' derives from the Latin 'aurum'. Gold is one of those shiny substances that has near-infinite potential to corrupt. It therefore comes as no surprise that it is an instrument of the Beelzebub.
  62. Ak - A (relatively) common slang term for the AK-47 assault rifle. This weapon's use was popularized by soldiers of the Russian Communist's army, so the evil of this tool of destruction may be easily deciphered.
  63. AV - AV Imports, Inc. is a major distributor of alcoholic beverages, which are known to be a vice encouraged by Satan.28
  64. AQ - AQ Miller School of Journalism & Mass Comm. is a campus devoted to the practice of forcing ideas and opinions onto the largest possible market. It is easy to see why Satan would back such an institution.29
  65. AG - Though the capitalization is incorrect, this may refer to silver (Ag on periodic tables). Silver has corrupting power much like gold (recall Judas's coins).
  66. A6 - Probably refers to the Audi A6 (automobile). Taken directly from the Audi website is the following quote: "A touring machine like no other: equal parts sophistication, sport, and soul (seele)." So I ask you: Who, if not the devil, would have access to enough souls to mass-produce a vehicle that contained one?30


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