There is no way to describe this innocence
The way we think
The way we dance
The ever-lasting memory of the way we kiss
The way we hiss
And prance around like forgotten rock stars
Silver Bullet
Cotton Car
Devil Dolls
Chocolate Bars

Is there never any chance?
Perhaps, maybe, one last dance?
Your friendly fur, the way we purr
And never want to say goodbye
Today, I think, maybe
I just might
One last night
A chance to fight
So long
So Far
Never here nor _____
Are you real?
Or just a dream?
Or too good to be true, I don’t mean a thing.
Baby, baby don’t say that.
I’ll tip you off like a rubber band hat
Slide beneath my golden curls
Rubber eyelids
Tear and whirl.
Twirl and unfurl.

Darling, honey bear
Do you care?
Or would you rather just traipse upon my living corpse
My sunbathed hairstyle, neon warts
Or maybe, just maybe, we can lay a while
Look at the milky stars
Always dreamin’ of Mars
Always wondering and thinking that maybe someday
We can mold ourselves right out of our bodies
Mold ourselves like clay
And maybe someday if we’re lucky enough
We can stand together and be proud of ourselves
Be proud to be together
And tell all of the world
Of our adventures in wonderland
The mysteries yet to be seen
Are too scene to believe
Scene it? You bet.
You bet I did, yet.
Too good
Not fair!
Get outta my hair!
You stupid whore
You burning wench
I’ll believe my eyes
When you let me forget
When you take me away from this miserable world
This patented shoulder
This elderly girl
This dying parade
This miserable mirage
This stupid unfair
Why do you care?
Finish my sentence?
For you? No way!

Who writes the rules in this land of copyright?
Who rights the wrongs that have taken their lives?
The lives of the words, the sound of a soul
The sound of a baby waiting to grow
The words melt like diamonds caressing the skin
All over our bodies, too thin to thin
Suburbian devils and cockroach skin care
Oh baby, oh baby. Do you care?
It’s neither here nor there. It’s neither up nor down.
I’ll take you away, all over town.
I’ll show you the lights, translate them into words.
The words will shine through you, like a herd of birds.
And maybe, just yet, you’ll understand.
To take my words as actions, my thoughts as sound.
Then maybe, my baby you can see the tragedy.
They’ve all been used before, they’ve all been done.
So I’ve taken these words that I learned when I was young.
I put them down on paper, so now you’ve won.
I give you these words, my thoughts, my actions.
And made them something new, the ultimate fashion!
So honey bear, darling dear my words are fashioned out of clay
I lay them before you, in a bed of hay
Lay with them a while, while I purr songs of love and rage into your head
For tonight all is well.
Just tonight, all is dead.

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