Honey bear,
Of tortoise laps,
of stamen stem and insect naps,
come trapse across the crooked nest,
in jangle cool and cotton zest,
bog-slogging boots
your chocolate tinsel in cahoots
Jelly jar,
come to my dress
bring gravy slings and mead and rings, and
catch my hand in your paint-paw,
and drip on everything
with colors of dew
and blush
and rush to meet me at the door
where vines twine above and trip your lips
of ruby jewels and dine with me,
we'll have a feast,
on eyelash toe, of sprouted yeast,
of brussels best of courderoy,
my lovely beast, my gentle boy,
We'll have a glass
and then dessert,
We'll drink numb bummer,
pale and flirt, and staggle-eyed,
and crossed of fled, and angle, pumpkin
into bed.

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