Silver bullets racing wild
Cotton candy, chocolate cars
Merry widows come from mars
Living zombies, bog-trog bars

With chop top hands and silly spaces
Needle hands with broken faces
Lover boy come to dance with me
Silver moons and honey bees

Children writing snazzy sagas
Broken nails and slanted walls
Killer clowns come from mars
With pointy toes and redneck brawls

Killing necromancer’s cousins
Politicians fall like spiders
Ziggy Stardust, sweetest sin
Soggy Suey, paper dolls

Chewy masses laid at dawn
Killer clowns with no more songs
Silver bells hide their toes
To the east, I do not know

Dance like devils in the rain
Hide their faces, kill the flame
Sew the seeds right from the sky
Broken planets, my oh my

To the east, I do not know
Living zombies bog-trog bars
Soggy suey, paper dolls
Broken nails and slanted walls

Redneck brawls and snazzy spiders
Finger nails and bog-trog bars
Killing politicians fall like sin
My oh my, you know what’s in

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