An extremly cheezy 80s movie about clowns from space that arrive on earth to kill people. The clowns,who look like a combination between croatian basketball players, Jabba the Hut and Bozo the Clown, remind me to some extent of the Teletubbies. They make lots of unintelligeble (if that is a word) giggles after they kill people (uh oh!), hence the resemblance to the popular children's TV show.

The clowns use a multitude of stupid circus tricks to kill people, including, but not limited to, pies, cotton candy, and Crazy Straws. They also employ a great deal of Loony Tunes-ish pranks as well, like walking up a wall and leaving foot prints and the clown car gag. The acting is rather crappy, and the end credits feature an 80s Rock Song with the same title as the film! ("chord chord chord killer clowns from outer space other chord")

To keep it simple, just think of GWAR meets H.R. Puff n'Stuff. It's kinda hard to explain, but just rent it at your local video store, or catch it onTV. You'll be glad you did.

Okay, fine... So I create this nodeshell and as I'm researching, RoadRunner goes down. So later when I'm back up I write it up, only to find out someone has beat me to the punch and filled my own nodeshell! Oh well, here it is anyway...

Released: 1988
Directed by: Stephen Chiodo
Written by: Charles Chiodo, Edward Chiodo
Genre: Horror/Comedy

Wow, how can there not be a write-up here for this classic?! This is sort of a parody, although it would be easy to take it for a bad horror movie. It's very fun to watch though. It starts out with two teenagers making out at the local town make out spot. They see a shooting star, and go to investigate. Only, it isn't a shooting star... They find instead a circus tent, and wander inside only to meat up with alien clowns with huge sharp teeth...

They manage to escape and run back to town to warn the local law enforcement. Of course, the sheriff doesn't believe them. Meanwhile, the clowns are wreaking havoc all over town. They have guns that wrap people up in cotton candy, which they transport back to their ship. There, they drink their victim’s blood through silly straws. They also have popcorn that grows into little worm like creatures that attack people. Oh, and watch out for the old pie to the face, they're acid pies!

The poor sheriff still doesn't believe even when the whole town starts calling with reports of Killer Klowns. He believes when one kills him though. Luckily the teenagers and the deputy are still in the game, and discover the Klowns weakness is in their clown nose, which will kill them if shattered. But can they save mankind from the evil Klowns? You'll just have to watch it!

Unfortunately, this movie is out of print. You might be able to catch it on the Sci-Fi channel, I haven't managed to find a video store that rents it. Generally you can find copies on Ebay, but they go for $30+ used... But if you can get a copy, it's a fun movie to watch if you like cheesy horror movie comedic spoofs...

I worked in a movie theater as a projectionist and sometime manager in the late 80s. One of the advantages to this is Late Night previews. On Thurdays nights, after you've built up a new film, you invite friends over to watch it.

When Killer Klowns came through, we had a viewing of it, and then... a walk down the alley next door, where they filmed one Klown fight. Killer Klowns was mostly filmed in and around the Central Californian town of Watsonville. We then went to the corner drugstore, which the Klowns trashed in the film. Then back around to a very fabulous large brick wall, which in the film had an animated shadow attack added to it. It was an excellent wall, one that i'd often admired: tall, red brick, with a few rusty pipes up it. Alas, the following year, the Loma Prieta earthquake rattled it, and parts of it fell and killed one person.

A little bit of the monsters in the wall breaking out.

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