An extremly cheezy 80s movie about clowns from space that arrive on earth to kill people. The clowns,who look like a combination between croatian basketball players, Jabba the Hut and Bozo the Clown, remind me to some extent of the Teletubbies. They make lots of unintelligeble (if that is a word) giggles after they kill people (uh oh!), hence the resemblance to the popular children's TV show.

The clowns use a multitude of stupid circus tricks to kill people, including, but not limited to, pies, cotton candy, and Crazy Straws. They also employ a great deal of Loony Tunes-ish pranks as well, like walking up a wall and leaving foot prints and the clown car gag. The acting is rather crappy, and the end credits feature an 80s Rock Song with the same title as the film! ("chord chord chord killer clowns from outer space other chord")

To keep it simple, just think of GWAR meets H.R. Puff n'Stuff. It's kinda hard to explain, but just rent it at your local video store, or catch it onTV. You'll be glad you did.