I worked in a movie theater as a projectionist and sometime manager in the late 80s. One of the advantages to this is Late Night previews. On Thurdays nights, after you've built up a new film, you invite friends over to watch it.

When Killer Klowns came through, we had a viewing of it, and then... a walk down the alley next door, where they filmed one Klown fight. Killer Klowns was mostly filmed in and around the Central Californian town of Watsonville. We then went to the corner drugstore, which the Klowns trashed in the film. Then back around to a very fabulous large brick wall, which in the film had an animated shadow attack added to it. It was an excellent wall, one that i'd often admired: tall, red brick, with a few rusty pipes up it. Alas, the following year, the Loma Prieta earthquake rattled it, and parts of it fell and killed one person.

A little bit of the monsters in the wall breaking out.