It started with a glance.

It was a Friday, and as usual, I was out pub-hopping with my colleagues from work. It was a weekly ritual, that helped us get the frustration of staring at an LCD display all week out of our systems. Amidst the insane laughter accompanying the inane office humour, I happened to glance towards the door, and saw her enter.

Perhaps, it was a matter of chance, or maybe even providence, but she happened to look towards me at the very same moment. Eyes met, and there was a slight glimmer of... something. But then she smiled innocently, and I couldn't help but smile back.

She was wearing a simple sleeveless, knee length summer dress. A slender body, graceful walk, jet black silky hair; she seemed like some angel stepping onto earth.

As she walked to a table with the bunch of friends she came in with, I counted heads. Headcount + Body Language added up to good news in my head. She was single, and hopefully ready to mingle.

As the evening progressed, there were many silent glances exchanged between the two of us. Somehow, she did not seem to mind the fact that I was so blatantly checking her out, and instead was returning the favour.

As I got more drunk, and my inhibitions were lowered, I formulated the perfect pick-up line in my head. As I emptied out the Tequila shot, my confidence rose to the brim. I got up, walked towards her, rehearsing my first words in my head, confident in the knowledge that it would work.

As I woke up to the bright glare of the afternoon sun, I wondered whether the events of last night actually happened, or was it all a dream? As I cleared the cobwebs in my head, I remembered the pretty face, beautiful smile, the glimmer of anticipation as I walked towards her... What had happened then?

As I racked my head to remember the culmination of my walk to fame and started adding toothpaste to toothbrush, the answer stared back at me from the palm of my left hand. Whatever my pick up line was, it must have worked...


Hmm. Now, if only I could remember her name...

I started this flash fiction while drunk, and couldn't remember the end when I woke up (had only written the first 3-4 paragraphs). Have been thinking about it for a while, but couldn't think of a good punch line. The good folks on

helped me finish it.

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