1. Put your hands in front of you, palm facing away
2. Make your thumbs touch each other
3. The hand that spells the letter "L" is your left hand


Here is a bedtime story


Close your eyes- 


Now imagine you have broken your left hand- several bones.   It is bad enough to require surgery as well as an elbow to finger cast   The cast is large and awkward and after a while it feels like you are carrying around a five pound weight on that side,  and it gets old quick.   

Now imagine what every day will be like,  how a single injury changes your life.   You will find that you are unable to do daily things on your own  (think dressing, going to the restroom, etc)   Think about how you will become dependent on others  (grocery shopping- fixing food- laundry-  so many things) 

Think about several weeks with the cast.  After a couple of days you will become accustomed to inconvenience and awkwardness.  Nothing is simple and you find yourself dropping things with your good hand- and having to be extra careful not to injure your right hand, because God knows,  what would happen if both hands were injured ?

 You will stop saying  "No, I've got it"   because you don't. 

Soon you will become aware of how the world talks about making accommodations  for the handicapped, but does not actually do much about it.  You don't want to be angry about it-  but you will.

On the bright side-  polite people who hold doors and help you carry things;  will come to the rescue more than you can imagine.  Your faith in human nature will likely be rewarded,  although it might feel random.    



now open your eyes

Imagine waking up one morning without the cast,  you look over and its just your left hand.  No cast at all. 


think how great that would be. 


Now go to sleep and dream about a life that is both ordinary and beautiful.





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