Garlic knots are an appetizer often found in pizza joints, and especially anywhere you can get New York pizza. Think of the most delicious, crispy, fluffy pizza-crust you've ever tasted. Now twirl it into a square knot and glaze it in garlic and basil. Now serve it piping hot with parmesan cheese, or oregano, or marinara sauce (or all three). This is a garlic knot.

Garlic knots are the pizza place equivalent of Chinese restaurants' fried dumplings: Every place makes them slightly different, but they're almost always delicious. Some places soak them liberally in grease or parmesan cheese, giving them a much stronger flavor. I particularly recommend the garlic knots at Alfredo's Pizza on Route 611 in Stroudsburgh, Pennsylvania; they're served with fresh parmesan cheese and succulent marinara sauce. The best garlic knots have the right balance between crisp and fluff, dough and garlic. Like cheese pizza, it is an art.

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