The Knife are a brother-and-sister electronic music duo from Sweden. Olof Dreijer and Karin Andersson created The Knife in 2000, and became famous a few years later with inclusion of a lot of their music in the film Hannah med H (a Swedish drama). The duo have so far released three albums: the eponymous The Knife (2001), Deep Cuts (2003) and Silent Shout (2006). Their style can only be described as deep, dark, sometimes freaky electro.

The Knife are notorious for not co-operating with the media. If they are out in public at all, they wear masks, in particular Venetian masks. Until 2006, they refused to tour or play live, though their Silent Shout tour was a sellout experience. They refuse to attend award ceremonies, despite winning several Grammis awards in 2003 and 2007 (among others).

Both members have their own solo projects. Karin has recently released an album under the name Fever Ray, and Olof performs in nightclubs as DJ Coolof and Oni Ayhun. The two were on hiatus in 2006, but should be back in business (as it were) some time soon. The Knife also own a record label, Rabid Records.

With that, here is the tracklist of their eponymous debut album:

The Knife

  1. Neon (4'7")
  2. Lasagna (5'7")
  3. Kino (3'13")
  4. I Just Had To Die (4'34")
  5. I Take Time (3'4")
  6. Parade (3'50")
  7. Zapata (4'10")
  8. Bird (4'34")
  9. N.Y. Hotel (2'47")
  10. A Lung (3'26")
  11. Reindeer (7'11")
  12. High School Poem (1'23") - UK Edition
  13. Hannah's Conscious (3'43") - UK Edition
  14. Vegetarian Restaurant (2'33") - UK Edition

Compared to later work, this album is a lot more electropop in style. IMO it's not too bad, but I much prefer the darker electronica that The Knife are famous for. That said, it is a debut album, and things only got better for them. The album was followed by Deep Cuts (2003), and the Hannah med H soundtrack later in 2003.

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