One half of The Knife, Karin Andersson (née Dreijer) took on a solo project while The Knife were on hiatus in the late 00s. Calling herself Fever Ray, she released an eponymous album that contained her signature hauntingly shrill/deep vocals and the style of music that The Knife are famous for: deep, dark, freaky-weird electronic music.

Fever Ray

  1. If I Had A Heart (3'50")
  2. When I Grow Up (4'31")
  3. Dry And Dusty (3'45")
  4. Seven (5'10")
  5. Triangle Walks (4'21")
  6. Concrete Walls (5'40")
  7. Now's The Only Time I Know (3'59")
  8. I'm Not Done (4'20")
  9. Keep The Streets Empty For Me (5'40") - featuring Cecilia Nordlund
  10. Coconut (6'48")
  11. Stranger Than Kindness (5'2") - Special Edition
  12. Here Before (3'15")

Critically, the album was a success. IMO her collaboration with her brother was better. Still, it wasn't too bad, I'll grant you that. I particularly love When I Grow Up and Keep The Streets Empty For Me. Again, it's very interesting to see how versatile Andersson/Fever Ray's vocals are; over all of The Knife's albums, plus her own, her voice is synthesised in so many combinations and permutations that it's hard to tell what's coming up next track. They also fit in perfectly with every song she appears in; for example, she appeared in the Röyksopp track What Else Is There? with great success.

OK, this has turned into a little monologue about Karin Andersson's vocals. Doesn't matter. She probably has one of the best voices in my music collection. A lot of people would say it sounds like screeching cats playing violin badly. In a sense, this is true: she does have a very shrill voice. Still, I find her voice to be interesting - not so much relaxing as thought-provoking. It suits the music.

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