New Norwegian chill-techno band from Bergen. Little info is available about this band, consisting of Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge. Torbjørn is a rising star on the European club scene, with his creative laid-back electronic music. They work more or less together, and in coopertaion with Norwegian and foregin artists. Anneli Drecker, known from Bel Canto did the vocals on one track of their debut album. Their debut album Melody A.M. is out on the streets now, well worth a hear.

Here's a copy of their press release after the launching of the Eple-single.

Röyksopp are Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland, two hotly tipped Nordic funksters with their own unique brand of wood-encased electronica. Like many of Norway's pioneering musicians, the pair grew up in Tromso, bathed in the Northern Lights. Electing not to get involved in the local headbanging community, they borrowed a sampler in 1993, and after a flirtation with ambient label Apollo, got reunited in Bergen and revived in Röyksopp in 1998.

After releasing a couple of seven inches on the faultlessly far-sighted Bergen based Tellé label (also responsible for Erot, Bjorn Torske, Kings Of Convenience and Annie), the pair came to the attention of Wall Of Sound who snapped them up along with the Tellé compilation they're featured on.

Röyksopp are on their way. Awesome remixes of Mekon's 'Please Stay' (released 16th July / Wall Of Sound), Kings Of Convenience's 'I Don't Know What I Can Save You From' (released 16th July / Source) and, of course, featured on the critically acclaimed Tellé compilation, have set the tone nicely.

Their debut album, 'Melody AM' (released 17th September / Wall Of Sound) is a frost laced spider web of funk, ambient, electric and synthetic soul, and gives no quarter to pre-ordained parameters. Soak in the sauna of melancholy electric soul that is 'So Easy', snap out of your seat on the house sleigh ride of 'Poor Leno' (starring the other worldly vocals of Kings Of Convenience's Erlend Øye), or be thrust into an afterlife of eternal sex with angels on valium on 'Sparks'. It's a bit of a masterpiece.

Kicking things off, Röyksopp release the mighty 'Eple'. A slice of sublime uplifting delight that speaks volumes about the musical pedigree of these two Norwegian dreamers. Completing the package, Norwegian disco doctor Bjorn Torske delivers the remix fun, while 'Röyksopp's Night Out' rounds things off with some cheeky head nod action.

Royskopp (Svein Berge, Torbjorn Brundtland) are an electronica duo from Norway. They aren't directly classfiable, but they sound a lot like Orbital, or The Chemical Brothers. They have been signed to the British Wall Of Sound label since 2001.

They are close friends of the Neo-Acoustica duo Kings of Convinience, and although the vast sonic difference between the two bands, they sometimes collabrate. So far, these collabrations have been remixes of the Kings' material in their 'Versus' remix project, and the vocals that have been contributed by the Kings' Erlend Oye to tracks in Royksopp's debut album, Melody A.M.

Royksopp's discography (as for December 2001) consists of two singles: Eple, and Poor Leno. They have also released a great full length album titled Melody A.M.

Their website is at

Their name is actually written 'Röyksopp' in their native language, but I wanted to make the search easier for non-Norwegian E2 users. There are some.

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