Royskopp (Svein Berge, Torbjorn Brundtland) are an electronica duo from Norway. They aren't directly classfiable, but they sound a lot like Orbital, or The Chemical Brothers. They have been signed to the British Wall Of Sound label since 2001.

They are close friends of the Neo-Acoustica duo Kings of Convinience, and although the vast sonic difference between the two bands, they sometimes collabrate. So far, these collabrations have been remixes of the Kings' material in their 'Versus' remix project, and the vocals that have been contributed by the Kings' Erlend Oye to tracks in Royksopp's debut album, Melody A.M.

Royksopp's discography (as for December 2001) consists of two singles: Eple, and Poor Leno. They have also released a great full length album titled Melody A.M.

Their website is at

Their name is actually written 'Röyksopp' in their native language, but I wanted to make the search easier for non-Norwegian E2 users. There are some.