A food fit for the most beautiful girl in creation.

         1/2 qt.   Mayonnaise
         2 x         Egg whites
         1 x         Slice of Sourdough Bread
         2 tsp.     Corn Starch
         2 tsp.     White Unbleached Flour
         1/2 qt.   Canola Oil

         Place Mayonnaise in freezer, wait two hours. De-crust bread (remove crust from slice of sourdough), blend on HIGH for ten seconds. Heat oil on stove. In small bowl combine egg whites, flour, corn starch, mix lightly, then fold in bread crumbs. Remove Mayonnaise from freezer. Scoop a sphere of Mayonnaise 1” in diameter. Roll sphere in batter. Drop sphere in oil. Remove when golden-brown. Repeat. Serve hot with Secret Sauce.

         Serves two.


Meyer, Leif and Oliver Meyer. "Deep Fried Mayonnaise."
            2 Nov 2007. <http://www.deepfriedmayo.com>.

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