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"In the days approaching the time when the Stars are Right, at a time when alternative movements encompassed many different strands of constructive insanity - whose common aim was a refutal of mainstream consciousness and a desire to explore the deeper regions of the bottle - a host of new religions emerged to enact their own damp sallies. Times are changing, and many of these religions will be unable to weather the choppy waters of rising Rl'yeh. Only the beliefs and the music of the truly inspired, or the truly unique, will survive. Elder Sign have these beliefs and this music. Elder Sign as they were before they became Elder Sign no longer exist...

Elder Sign came into being in 1996, with members Andrew Mobbs (sane lyrics), Dan Sheppard (insane lyrics), David Damerell (inspiration), Owen Dunn (imagery), and Dr Volcano (drums and other crackly noises). The name was drawn from the Cthulhu mythos; this reflected Damerell's abiding interest in matters Cthulhoid and tentacular. The band began giggling in abundance and one night produced their first track Treachery. With such masterpieces as Chimaera My Nameserver, the legend that is Elder Sign continues..."

I should point out, as one known to Elder Sign and indeed responsible for some of their lyrics - although not a band member - that none of Elder Sign can actually play any instrument or in fact, sing. Dr Volcano is in real life a large dribbly candle. Elder Sign are a two-fingered salute to every eighties and nineties Goth band, and well-deserved, too.

The mysterious protective seal of the Elder Gods of H.P. Lovecraft's mythos. Lovecraft's original design resembled a branch held diagonally, with three twigs extending from the upper side and two from the lower. August Derleth, an author who followed in Lovecraft's footsteps, apparently did not know of the pre-existing sigil when he created the more famous five-pointed star surrounding an eye, with a flame in place of the pupil.

The Elder Sign appears in several stories of the Cthulhu mythos and related stories, both by Lovecraft himself and others. Two known locations include Cthulhu's tomb in Rl'yeh and on one of the mountains in the dream-world. Exploration is not recommended.

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