TenMinJoe says You need to do one of those writeups where you shout a lot and give everyone a silly name in order to gather people for a Christmas booze-up.

Saturday 18th December 2004 - 6pm

Penderel's Oak Pub

We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind

Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well they're, no friends of mine... Come on you fuckers, let's do the Safety Dance together! In London! To give a shout out to the impending doom that is 2005, and wave a teary-eyed farewell to 2004, which, let's face it, hasn't been the biggest barrel of laughs we've ever had. But hey, we can forget all our troubles in a haze of alcohol and shit 80's pop songs, and for a few hours, we'll have a whole bunch of other troubles to worry about which will take our mind off our main troubles, or something. Oh just come along, drink, and talk bollocks with some internet freaks - in 200 years, who's going to give a shit?

We can go where we want to, the night is young and so am I

We will be Safety Dancing in the usual place: Penderel's Oak, which is big, quiet, and reasonably priced. The address is 283 High Holborn, a short walk from Holborn tube, or Chancery Lane tube. Go here for a map http://tinyurl.com/ysc0, here for photos http://tinyurl.com/ysc4, and here http://journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk if you need directions. If you want crash space, ask someone who is coming, or go to http://www.hihostels.com/openHome.sma for hostels around London.

It'll be on Saturday 18th December, from 6pm until the day of judgment. Bring your own cattleprods and ben-wa balls.

We can dance if we want to, we've got all your life and mine

As long as we abuse it, never gonna lose it, everything'll work out right... Please to be letting me know if you're coming or not coming. People who live outside the UK, please do not let me know that you can't make it, cause it's really hard coming up with all these names and witty comments, so I'm not wasting them on you fuckers who have the indecency to not live here. And remember - we can dance, we can dance, everybody look at your hands - we can dance, we can dance, everybody taking the chaaaa-aaa-aa-aaaaance! Safety Dance! Is it safe to dance? Is it safe to dance!

Men Without Hats (definites)

RalphyK (Falco)
JodieK (Sam Brown)
TenMinJoe (Holly Johnson)
diotina (Toni Basil)
Oolong (Martin Fry)
fondue (Andrew Ridgeley)
princess loulou (Debbie Harry)
booyaa (Pal Waaktaar - BOOYAA! BOOYAA!)
Tiefling (Limahl)
darl (Captain Sensible)

Fields of the Nephilim (maybes)

Gritchka (Phil Oakey)
StrawberryFrog (that one out of Sparks with the moustache)
La petite mort (Kylie Minogue)
auduster (Tony Hadley out of Spandau Ballet)
Albert Herring (Mags - the other one out of A-ha what nobody never remembers his name)

Dexys Midnight Runners (pikey scum who will be too busy stealing lead off church roofs)

amnesiac (Kevin Rowland)
spiregrain (Adam Ant)
BlackPawn (Gary Kemp)
Andrew Aguecheek (Fish out of Marillion)
Lord Matthius (Peter Cetera)
Scriblerus (Paul Young)
Catchpole (Gary Numan)
heyoka (Keren Woodward)
gnarl (Pete Burns out of Dead or Alive)
Great Neb (Marc Almond)

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