Originally the singer with Soft Cell, with whom he made 4 albums. The best of these was probably Non Stop Erotic Cabaret which included the singles Tainted Love, Bedsitter and Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.

Since Soft Cell split in 1984 he has been involved in numerous solo projects including Marc and The Mambas and the Willing Sinners.

Most of his solo work involves an element of cabaret and is influenced by the likes of Jacques Brel, Scott Walker and Bizet.

Amongst the many people he has worked with are Nick Cave, Gene Pitney, James Thirwell aka Foetus, Lydia Lunch and Matt Johnson of The The.

Soft Cell reformed in 2005, following Dave Ball's success in The Grid in the preceding years.

Selected Discography:

Non Stop Erotic Cabaret (with Soft Cell) (1981)
Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing (with Soft Cell) (1982)
The Art Of Falling Apart (with Soft Cell) (1983)
Untitled (with Marc And The Mambas) (1982)
Torment And Torreros (with Marc And The Mambas) (1983)
This Last Night In Sodom (with Soft Cell) (1984)
Vermin In Ermine (1984)
Stories Of Johnny (1985)
Mother Fist And Her Five Daughters (1987)
The Stars We Are (1988)
Enchanted (1990)
Tenement Symphony (1991)
Fantastic Star (1996)
Open All Night (1999)

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