Limahl is actually the stage name of one man, Christopher Hamill, the former lead singer of Kajagoogoo. The stage name is an anagram of his surname. He was born on 19 December 1958 in Lancashire, England. He worked as a theatre actor starting in 1977 and in addition to plays was in a TV commercial and had small parts in a few TV shows. He was also in several rock groups. He joined Kajagoogoo, which had formed in 1979, after seeing their advertisement for a singer in Melody Maker magazine.

Though he and his spiky, streaked blond/black hair were a big part of their image, the band fired him after their first album, White Feathers (which contained the 1982 hit "Too Shy"); Limahl says this is because they felt his presence was getting them labeled as a teen band. Other sources say Limahl left because he didn't like the control guitarist Nick Beggs was taking in the band. He went solo and did the UK hit "Only For Love" and the US chart single "The Neverending Story" theme, probably the most successful of his solo work. He has continued to record (sometimes under his stage name and sometimes as Chris Hamill). A bus crash in November 2000 while part of a 1980s revival tour got his name in the news briefly.


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