1980s English new wave band best known for the song "Too Shy." They were originally formed by Nick Beggs, Steve Askew, Stuart Neale, and Jez Strode in 1979 under the name "Art Nouveau", but when they acquired a new lead singer, Chris Hamill, aka Limahl in 1981, Beggs chose a new name, "thinking that if you could market that you could market anything."

They got a record deal with EMI in 1982, and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran produced their first single, "Too Shy." It was a huge hit in early 1983 in both the U.S. and Britain, and their followup singles were Top 15 in the U.K. but flopped in the U.S. However, the rest of the band felt that Limahl's presence was getting them categorized as a teenybopper band, so they fired him. Beggs became lead vocalist starting with their second album. When it was released in the U.S., the band's name was shortened to Kaja (the shortening was not done in Europe until their third album). Jez Strode left between the second and third albums.

After the third album, the band broke up in 1986. Limahl had a bit of a solo career but never attained as much success as the band's first single had either.

Source: http://www.kajagoogoo.com

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