Terry Farrell

Birth name: Theresa Lee Farrell Grussendorf
Date of Birth: November 19, 1963
Place of Birth: Cedar Rapids, OH, USA

Bacon number: The Oracle says: Terry Farrell has a Bacon number of 2:
  1. Terry Farrell was in Off the Mark (1986) with Jan Munroe
  2. Jan Munroe was in A Few Good Men (1992) with Kevin Bacon

Terry Farrell should not be confused with the notable architect of the same name who appears with annoying frequency in web searches.

Terry's began life as a model for the Elite model agency as a teenager, and then moved into acting. Following the usual bit parts and walkons in various US TV shows and movies including Quantum Leap and The Cosby Show, she got her first lead role in the 1986 movie Back to School (with Rodney Dangerfield). in 1992 she was the star of the last of Clive Barker's Hellraiser films, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.

The same year she played the Cat in the US pilot of Red Dwarf, and the following year was cast as Jadzia Dax in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Prior to this she had auditioned for the role of Susan Ivanova in Babylon 5, a role that eventually became Claudia Christian's.

The Dax character was to become one of the most popular creations of DS9 and Terry's fame grew accordingly, not least due to the challenging nature of the character. Terry holds the honour of participating in the first lesbian kiss in Star Trek, and of course the first openly homosexual relationship.

By the end of the sixth season, a dispute had arisen over her fee for the upcoming seventh season, and Jadzia was written out of the show, shortly after her marriage to Worf (once again we see the infinite power of the all-powerful Star Trek Reset Button at work, restoring the status quo when things get complicated). Terry's voice makes an appearance towards the end of the seventh season but it is uncredited and probably taken from earlier recordings.

Terry is living proof that there is life after Star Trek. She continues to act in film and has a major supporting role in Becker, co-starring with Ted Danson (yet another one of those weird Cheers/Frasier-Star Trek crossovers).

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