The characters in all Star Trek series come across various problems in the various episodes. However, the actions that are taken in order to solve the problems sometimes happen more than one time.

This guide, a must for every Starfleet officer, covers a limited number of actions that can be used in order to solve many problems you and your crew may encounter.

  • Dump the warp core

    This is effective against possible core breaches, or as a weapon, to set up a bomb and take off using the impulse engine. The only problem with this, is that you lose warp drive, and you have to go back sometime and pick up the core. Make sure there are no Ferengi around when you do this, otherwise you won't find the core when you get back.

  • Modify the phase variance

    Sometimes things get out of phase (like matter, energy, sound, video). Modifying the phase variance helps to focus or track down the thing that you were having trouble with.

  • Create a dampening field

    These fields help to stop someone from doing something. Effective against some sorts of energy weapons

  • Use time travel

    This may be used when there is an irreversible damage that can't allow the continuation of your Star Trek series. This sometimes reverts anything that happened in the episode back into normal.

  • Check the transporter buffer

    This is very useful in times where you need some missing bits of information, like the DNA or people that were transported. Sometimes people or things disappear, getting stuck in the transporter buffer, so always make sure you check there when you look for something.

  • Initiate self-destruct

    Effective when you have decided there's nothing else to do and your ship is about to fall into the enemy's hands. It requires the authorization of the captain and the first officer.

  • Perform mind melds

    Ask the nearest Vulcan to do a mind meld with the problematic subject, if it's alive. Interesting things will come up as a result.

  • Do saucer separation

    Allows you to get a fully combat ship without risking the lives of a thousand women and children. Takes a few minutes, leaves a funny UFO-looking ship behind.

  • Transfer power from other systems

    This is useful when you have ran out of power in one of the systems on the ship, like force fields, shields, and phasers. Usually, the life support systems are the first ones to have their energy be transferred to other parts of the ship.

  • Use the tractor beam

    This is a very important tool. Can be used to divert ships from interception course, or to catch some little ships which run away from you.

  • Open the shuttle-bay hatches

    Useful against some kinds of ship intrusions, or when you have to make the ship move aside when the impulse engine doesn't work.

  • Emergency Transport

    Mostly used for rescuring a crew from an exploding shuttle-craft.

  • Raise shields

    Quite trivial in battle situations, no need to elaborate.

  • Use the deflector dish

    When emittings large amounts of radiation, like EMP, the deflector dish can do wonders.

  • Run holo-simulations

    When your chief engineer comes up with a theory of how to solve a certain complex problem that involves risking the life of the crew, the holodeck can be used to run the simulation before trying the real thing.

  • Ask the computer

    Remember, the computer has a rather sophisticated AI. Use it wisely, query it on the situation, but expect dumb answers if you ask dumb questions.

  • Wait until the episode is over

    Because Paramount won't create a sequel for every episode, problems are usually solved in the end of the episode. Never rely on this, though.

Be creative. Try to combine some of the methods above and you're surely going to have a successful episode.

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