A rather excellent art gallery on the south bank of the river Thames opposite St. Paul's Cathedral. A converted power station, the turbine hall offers a huge and impressive space and there are 88(?) rooms of work arranged in rather loose 'themes'. In the majority of cases the grouping of works is done on a fairly effective basis but a few arrangements (such as the Lichenstein and Monet rooms) are a bit contrived. Wow, I sound like a real art critic, but I could be a perl script! Also note that (at least at the time of writing) the gallery is free, crowded, has no air conditioning and somehow manages to feature narrow stairs, doorways and cooridors in its space plan (unusual as you could easily swing a blue whale in the hall itself). The shop is air conditioned (which is telling - make them sweat to see the art and spend in comfort). Hmm. Overall the positive aspects outweigh the negatives.

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