A progressive metal band that was formed by the former Gemini guitarist, Michael Romeo and Thomas Miller on April 1994, in New Jersey, USA, following Michael's solo-tape "The Dark Chapter", that gained popularity and attention. After Thomas joined as a bass player, the group was also added with drummer Jason Rullo, and vocalist Rod Tyler. Michael Pinnella was the last one to join, and in last 1994, the band released their first album (Symphony X), which also reached Japan on December 1994 and gained a popularity there, along with some recognition in Europe.

Their second album, "The Damnation Game" was released half a year later, after Rod Tyler parted the band, and was replaced with Russell Allen. The album, which included some unique classical overtones and vocal harmonies, revolutionized progressive music and was a success. The band started to achieve a world-wide positive awareness.

In 1996, the band began to work on their third album, and in 1997 "The Divine Wings of Tragedy" was released. The press showered the band with praise and called the album a classic masterpiece of its genre, with tracks like The Accolade and the album's title track. This album was chosen as one of the best for its genre that year, selling more than 100,000 copies in Japan alone.

Before working on their 4th album, personal reasons convinced Jason Rulio to leave the band. He was replaced with Thomas Walling. The album which was completed in early 1998 was named "Twilight In Olympus", was also a major success in both sales and reviews, and the press pressured for a European tour. The band began the tour, though without Thomas Walling and Thomas Miller, who were unable to join. Jason Rulio returned, along with bassist Andy DeLuca. The performances were a sold-outs in Switzerland, Holland, France, Germany, and Italy. After the tour Thomas Miller departed the band, and Mike LePond joined as a replacement. In 1999, the band released another successful album: "V: The New Mythology Suite".

Like most bands today, the band runs a website that offers a mailing-list, MP3's, tour dates, merchandise, and more.

The current Symphony X lineup:

  1. vocals: Russell Allen
  2. guitar: Michael Romeo
  3. bass: Mike LePond
  4. keyboard: Michael Pinnella
  5. drums: Jason Rullo


  1. Symphony X (December 1994)
  2. The Damnation Game (August 1995)
  3. The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (November 1996)
  4. Twilight In Olympus (February 1998)
  5. V: The New Mythology Suite (May 2000)
  6. Live On The Edge Of Forever (October 2001)
  7. The Odyssey (October 2002)

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